Carlsberg is a Danish brand of beer. The company was founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen.

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Great Moments

Story by Indry Yonathan , Indonesia

Carlsberg is a real beer. You should sign out from social media and technology and have a Carlsberg with your friends in the summer sun. This makes some great moments.    

Carlsberg legend

Story by Indry Yonathan , Indonesia

Carlsberg is the perfect legendary beer for me. I love the taste, and it’s got such a cool color to the glass. Such an epically legend beer. 

My fave beer

Story by dimas rahady

It’s my fave beer. The taste is very yummy. The perfect time to drink a bottle of Carlsberg is with my bestfriend when sharing stories in the middle of the night.

Satisfy your animal desires

Story by TakeItOrLeaveIt , United States

Want the refreshing and sweet European taste of a Heineken but the density and alcohol percentage of an arrogant bastard? Drink Carlsberg Elephant to satisfy your animal desires. The logo is easy to fall in love with and don’t forget the animal which graces its thin shaped bottle is worshipped in some countries!

Truly happy

Story by Martin Christensen , Denmark

One of the few moments in life were I am truly happy is a combination of a cool summer breeze on a hot summer day and a cold Carlsberg by my side, and nothing to do besides enjoying life.

Under the influence

Story by Robin Simion , Romania

Friends, nightlife, music, joy, enjoy, style, powerful, accomplishment, taste, colour, shape, smell, name, time, free, flexibility, trip, experience, generation, relaxation, contemplation, motivation, BEST. The kind of influence on me that makes Carlsberg a Lovemark.

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