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Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in imaging and optical products, including cameras, photocopiers and computer printers.

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Preserving Moments

Story by Adhi Nusantara , Indonesia

I love to preserve moments, and the many different perspectives that you can take from it. .My preferred camera to do this is a Canon 5D Mark III. With this in my hands I can achieve all my goals. 

Canon Is My Path

Story by putusutha , Indonesia

I will always remember my first ever Canon Powershot G12 and Canon DSLR 60D. They came along with my journey to become a music video director. I believe that I couldn’t make it until now if it’s not because of them both. I love them so much and I’m planning to add a new member…

Painting with Canon

Story by Winaria Seng , Indonesia

Canon is my paintbrush…I feel like I am a painter when I take pictures with Canon. I take my Canon everywhere because it is perfect to carry around. My camera understands my taste, my urge to capture happy moments and to relive my memories.

Best shoot!

Story by kezia shintya , Indonesia

This is the best camera I’ve ever bought. The camera is capable of taking pictures of all the things in my life with very good results. It has good quality and takes the best shots, so I have never lost a precious moment. Smart people will buy this camera. Canon is always be the first!

Creates a story

Canon special for me and my family. Why? I use Canon 7D since 3 years ago. I have taken many pictures with my Canon 7D. I can create my own story when taking a picture using the canon 7D.

Capturing the Best Images

Story by Meongsonyeo , Indonesia

The pictures I take with my Canon always look really cool. The images are so high quality, it catches details that even your eyes can’t see! Canon is also great at always making a better version of their previous camera. I’ve tried other cameras but cannon is the camera for me. The best pictures I…

Thanks Canon

Story by natanael gunadi , Indonesia

I love Canon because the quality of the photos are so excellent. It is also simple to learn how to use Canon cameras.   

Rocking Canon

Story by Iwanwho , Indonesia

I started photography with a Nikon film camera that I inherited from my Dad, but I have to admit that I’ve always had my eye on a Canon photo. I finally picked up my first Canon Powershot in college after earning some money from working part -time, followed with my first Digital SLR experience with…

Click It

Story by Azizah Ananda Faried , Indonesia

Oh yeah, I’ve been in love with Canon since I went to high school! I had my own DSLR CANON 60D, how I loved bring my camera whenever I’m travelled. my heart and my soul are one with this camera. the good things that I ever knew about this camera are not complicated, simple, and…

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