Campari is a branded alcoholic beverage introduced in Italy in 1860 by Gaspare Campari. It is a mild bitters-type apéritif, often drunk with soda, orange juice, or in mixed drinks.

A dream to the tastebuds!

Story by Natasha Potzsch , Australia

Campari is what we give my omi (grandmother) when shes being old and cynical. Statistics say that alcohol is a depressant, I say ‘cheers’ ‘prost’ and a toast to the happiest omi on the planet! Not to mention it’s a dream to the tastebuds!

Sit back and relax

Story by David , Germany

The ultimate in sophisticated cool. A sit back and relax kind of drink, with a sit back and relax image. My favourite, half and half with prosecco.

Today's whole retro feel

Story by Michael , United Kingdom

This is a great lovemark. Today’s whole retro feel is based on products like Campari. These products have substance, they could be identified with people, places and a lifestyle, not a superficial image you get like a group of laggards trying to impress nobodies in a nameless unidentifiable bar somewhere.

Hasn't been recreated since

Story by Paul , Australia

This is an image of 1950’s and 1960’s sophistication and glamour that hasn’t been recreated since in beverages. It is internationally recognised and something I believe has has an enduring notable quality which fashion drinks today do not.

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