A cartoon from the period of the California gold rush by cartoonist N. Currier (Huntington Library).

A place of dreams and ideology

Story by Claudia Cornejo , United States

California is a place of dreams and ideology, of inspiration and myths. The smell of its oceans, the sights of its redwoods, the feel of the wind, the sounds of its birds… Nowhere is the diversity and contrasts greater than in this state that could be a country; a country that would be, Eureka!, home.

An amazing spirit

Story by Rosa Alvarez , United States

I lived in California for 20 amazing years, now having moved away, I realize how amazing it is. What cannot be accomplished in California?? There is an amazing spirit and openess to this great state.

A great place

Story by Sue Fitzpatrick , United States

This is a great place to live and I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to live. Sure we have earthquakes, but the weather is great. Native Californian!

Simply because it is my home

Story by Claudia , United States

Not because it is the fifth largest economy in the world on its own. Not because of Hollywood or the Golden Gate. Not because people from all walks of life are drawn here. Not because of the gold sand on the beaches or the snowy beauty of Yosemite. Simply because it is my home, and…

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