Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, digital cameras and video game consoles.

Is not a brand - it is a technology

Story by Jimmy Ray , United States

Bluetooth is not a brand. It is a technology. When people say they love bluetooth, do they mean, bluetooth 1.5, or bluetooth 2.1? There is a difference. My stereo bluetooth headphones will not work with my bluetooth dongle adapter since the adapter is old and can not be flash upgraded because the manufacturer is no…

It makes me feel...

Story by Ohahmisua , United States

I love Bluetooth, too ! It’s sad how so many people still don’t know about it, although it makes me feel cool when I can share with someone how awesome it is.

In a nutshell

Story by Anne Ware , New Zealand

I love Bluetooth® technology for its cutting-edge ability to give me short-range wireless connections between desktop and notebook computers, handhelds, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, camera phones, printers, digital cameras, headsets, keyboards and even a computer mouse. All by using a globally available frequency band (2.4GHz) for worldwide compatibility. In a nutshell, Bluetooth technology has…

Can't wait to be bluetoothed

Is it a brand? It´ll be the technology of the near future. Everything will be bluetoothed. But now it´s just some trendy kit, give it some time and everyone will be under its influence. It´ll become part of our lives. Cars, mobile phones, computers, washing machines… me? Can´t wait to be bluetoothed!

The new way

Story by Yasin Japardy , Indonesia

Bluetooth… the ‘Viking king’ resurrected! Why do you have to use IrDa when you have Bluetooth… especially if have 100 meter Bluetooth. New way on sharing files, controlling devices, or anything…

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