Bionade is a brand of organic fermented and carbonated beverage produced in Germany.

A Bionader club...

Story by Torsten Daerr , Germany

I must admit Bionade is a great beverage which I came across yesterday while I was browsing my local supermarket. What’s more, Bionade is drink as well as a company and this makes the entire topic even more tantalizing ;-). I actually have been thinking of setting up a Bionader club…

Gaining popularity through word-of-mouth

Story by Layla , Germany

People are going wild over this soft drink – truly “loving” the brand, enjoying the flavors and telling friends about recent new flavors. Bionade is innovatively produced and gaining popularity through word-of-mouth. A non-alcoholic, organic soda-pop in unusual flavors and available primarily at lifestyle bars/cafes or organic stores.

Nice package, nice crown cap

Story by Matthias Eylers , Germany

Non-sugar, organic-limonade with funky flavors (elder, herbs, etc) and many vitamins. Nice package, nice crown cap. Also very good to mix. The Brand emerged in 2001 and is now all over Germany.

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