Barilla is an Italian brand of pasta. Founded in 1877 in Parma, Italy, the company is the world's leading pasta maker.

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It's Barilla

Story by mariaindriya

I’m not a chef or great in the kitchen, but I know what’s best to make my simple pasta super. It’s Barilla. Really, trust me. Even I can make a great pasta when I used this pasta. It’s the best I ever had.

A fantastic experience

Story by Holger Leuteritz , Germany

If you want to eat pasta, you have thousands of possibilities. One of these lots is packed in blue. What I like most is the big variety of different types which is offered in blue. If you come home from wherever, had a hard day and are hungry, then you don’t want to eat just…

It's always perfect

Story by Azizah Ibrahim , Singapore

I swear by Barilla. I am not the expert on Italian cooking, but when I cook using Barilla products (pasta) it’s always perfect. Pasta is always about being ‘al dente’.


Although São Paulo, Brazil, has one of the largest Italian colonies in the world, it was not until the early 90s that the authentic “grano duro” Italian pasta, Barilla, was first imported into this country. I love cooking but I have to confess that with Barilla you can never make a mistake: it is always…

It makes me feel home

Story by Emanuele , Italy

Barilla means “pasta” all over the world. And pasta means Italian lifestyle and quality. Barilla is also very linked to family values (look at its TV ads) and tradition mixed with elegance. Barilla makes the difference because it makes me feel home wherever I am! Isn’t it sold all over the world?

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