Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals is a brand of mineral-based cosmetics and skincare. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in San Francisco.

It is truly amazing!

Story by Robyn , United States

Thankyou Leslie Blodgett. This make-up makes you look like yourself, not someone hiding behind a mask. More women should know about this because it seriously will change your life! It is truly amazing!

I am more than happy to share my secret

Story by Sally , United States

Now that I have Bare Escentuals, there is no going back to my old ways. I can’t believe I ever put that other stuff on my face. Wearing this product makes me feel more confident. I am not worried about looking “overdone!” I work in a service industry. I meet so many peole. On more…

You don't even feel it on your face

Story by robyn , United States

I love this product. You don’t even feel it on your face and it gives good coverage and looks natural. I will not go back to liquid and wet-type makeup. They have a great selection of makeup and colors.

More than just makeup

Story by Beth , United States

It’s more than just makeup (which completely changed the way I approach skincare), it’s all the products. I can wear the lotions or colognes, and no one else smells like me. You can take your empty bottles back to the store and they refill them at a discounted rate. They always throw in at least…


Story by Amber Taylor , United States

Hello Self Esteem! Where have you been? Buying Bare Minerals make up has given me back my life! I’m one of the testimonal’s on the latest infomercial for Bare Escentuals and I can’t say enough about how this make up has changed my life. Never in a million years did I ever think I would…

The theme song should be...

Story by Jewell , United States

The theme song for this make-up should be;”You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”… a Carole King classic. My daughter introduced me to the product two years ago, and I have not worn any other make-up since. Leslie Blodgett the CEO is very much a part of her company and its day to day…

Just wish it was more available

Story by Sonja Warmath , United States

I use Bare Escentuals also… Now that I’ve tried it, I won’t ever go back to a liquid makeup. I honestly believe that anyone who tries this will love it! I just wish it was more readily available in stores in my area. I would love to actually see the colors before I place an…

Doesn't feel heavy

Story by Laurie Mendiola , United States

Pure crushed mineral makeup. No preservatives. Doesn’t feel heavy and looks natural. Great for sensitive skin. I love being able to wear makeup again. It doesn’t make my skin red or itchy. The Mineral Veil that is dusted or brushed on after the makeup has been applied finishes the look by filling in flaws. It…

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