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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and Spain’s second-largest city.

Like a walking through a painting

Story by 111lovemarker , United States

The warmth and culture of this city is palpable. The people of Barcelona are sophisticated but laid back – comfortable in their own skin – completely unpretentious. It’s hard to imagine more delicious food anywhere in the world. One of the best things about Barcelona – Las Ramblas – like a street party every night….

Dream Destination

Story by jovita zhang , Indonesia

I hope one day I can visit this country. The architecture there has made me choose Barcelona as my dream city to visit.   

In love with Barcelona

Story by Mona Ester , Russian Federation

High heels shoes sit in a corner. She has not worn them. Since she came to this place. She doesn’t need to show off Because nobody cares. She feels great just being herself. She takes a deep breath, come what may! And soon the crowd is taking her away. She sees a boy with a…

A lovely city indeed

Story by Janet Lessing , United States

Barcelona…a lovely city indeed! I remember all the fond memories you have given me. Your parks were full of life with children laughing joyously. I remember a delightful row boat ride we used by the pond. The people are delightful and always cheery. And who can forget the architectual genius of Gaudi’s structures which are…

I even learnt Spanish so that I can feel the city

Story by Esra Guney Baris , Turkey

Me gusta Barcelona! Es una ciudad maravillosa! By time, my passion for Barcelona’s ambiance grew and I even learnt Spanish so that I can feel the city much more deeply. Barcelona is a city that you can let your soul be free and you can be happy with beating Picasso, Dali, Miro, Gaudi hearts everywhere.

The people makes this city...

Story by Diliara Abdulkayumova , Russian Federation

I lived in Barcelona for 3 years and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s not only about the beautiful towns, arquitecture, and rich history, or the La Playa and Cafe Con Leche. It’s also all about the people that live in Barcelona. Go and visit Barcelona and fall in love…

The 1,000,001 moments

Story by Michael McGettigan , United States

I lived in Barcelona during the magical year of 1992, when the Olympics held the city’s imagination – but beyond that, the style of the city – medieval castles next to postmodern design – the stylish and sturdy Catalans, the narrow alleys leading always to a cozy cafe, a nutty bar… In the morning, there…

No better place

Story by Tad Perryman , United States

Barcelona – the mark itself of art, old, master, modern, gothic, Gaudy, fashion, chocolate, techno, rambling, La Rambla, global, quaint, beach, metropolitan, suburban, educational, foundational, food, music and love. If you can’t experience it there, you must be lost in some other world. There is no better place to experience the world spinning around itself…

Just "around the corner"

Story by Stefanie Wildner , Germany

I went to Barcelona last year – for the first time and I loved it from the first minute. It’s a never-seen mix of City-life and beach-life; you can have both at the same time. People are so friendly there and you can celebrate parties everywhere at anytime with anybody. And the best: It’s just…

Almost impossible to leave

Story by Lisa , Portugal

Barcelona is definitely the most cosmopolitan city in Spain. Its culture, people, history inspire everyone who has the privilege to live there or just pass there. Once you get there, it’s almost impossible to leave.

Mixing antiquity with modernity

Story by Enric F , Spain

Barcelona answers everything that I could want to offer a visitor: history, culture, architecture, sports, good climate and excellent gastronomy. A cosmopolitan city, that mixes antiquity with modernity. What more can be asked?

Not just because it's my home-town

Story by Pedro Martínez , Spain

Its not just because it’s my home-town, but Barcelona, second largest city in Spain and capital of the autonomous and prosperous region Catalonia is actually a fascinating place. Millions of tourists who visit us every year have the same opinion.

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