Barbie is a best-selling doll produced by Mattel, Inc.. She made her debut at the at the American International Toy Fair in 1959.

Beauty and Elegance

Story by Vania Josephine , Indonesia

When we talk about Barbie, we are talking about beauty and elegance. I never wanted to play with dolls if they were not Barbie. I have more than a hundred Barbie dolls and dresses. I really love Barbie!

Girl's Best Friend

Story by Devi Indah Permatasari , Indonesia

Barbie is a friend every little girl need. When I was a little girl, I got my first barbie from my mom. Her name is kelly. Until now, I will never forget that Kelly is my first bestfriend.

Childhood Memory

Story by Melisa Louisa , Indonesia

Barbies are a must for every girl to have and they are so beautiful and have such pretty face that no girl could say no to buying it. I remember my cousin and I had a collection of barbie dolls and we used to go buy every new collection of dress which came to the…

Forever Barbie!

Story by Beiby , Indonesia

Forever Barbie! When I was a little girl, I loved Barbie so much. Since the first time I bought one Barbie I’ve kept on buying Barbies from time to time. Now, I have different types of Barbies; the blonde ones, Hispanic, Japanese as well as African. I also have a celebrity Barbies and Disney princesses. Besides having Barbies, I…

I think of my Barbies as art

Story by Barbara , United States

I thought I was the only grandmother that loved Barbies, but after purchasing many on eBay and other places, I found out differently. I think of my Barbies as art. Some are beautiful or unusual just to look at, and some are just right for a makeover or for the grandchildren to play with!

I never grew out of them!

Story by Iolanta Mardkahayeva , United States

I can’t even express in words how much I love Barbie! I still collect them even though I now know I’m too old to be obessed with them. I have over forty Barbie items, never opened. Ever since I was little I loved them and I guess I never grew out of them!

Grateful and happy

Story by Toya Marshall , United States

The funny thing is – I love Barbie and I’m a Black woman. Until recently, Black Barbies were the same doll molded in brown plastic. But, in the 90s, Mattel brought out the Shani dolls – Nia, Shani and Asha – dolls designed to look like real Black women. I was grateful and happy. Nothing…

Inspiring imagination and creativity

Story by Fallon Crowley , United States

I grew up with Barbies. I adored them, and played with them all the time – I didn’t stop playing with them until 6th grade. All dolls inspire imagination and creativity, and though many people think that Barbies support warped body images or hyperfemininity in young girls, I never had either of those problems, and…


Story by Tom Paton , Australia

Barbie might be a lovemark to a lot of people, but for the wrong reasons I think. Barbie promotes conformity, and a strange type of femininity that appeals to little girls and warps their minds. She creates unrealistic expectations in girls’ minds that they have to be “perfect”, pretty, superficial and dumb. It’s so easy…

A terrific product

Story by Gene Norris , United States

Thank you for supplying a terrific product at a reasonable price. My daughter always asks for the latest and greatest products of the ‘Barbie’ World….and usually gets them. It does make a father’s life a little easier.

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