Aztek Choxolat

Aztek Choxolat is a cafe and chocolaterie in Hungary known for its exotic flavor combinations.

I want to experience the texture

Story by Samuel64 , United States

It’s unfortunate that Aztek didn’t do a better job of communicating via the site the experience of eating their product. Better visuals, perhaps macro shots of the products would have been great. I want to experience the texture, taste, color and depth of the chocolates.

A place to revive

Story by Anett Kádár , Hungary

Aztek Choxolat is a small chocolate shop in the downtown of Budapest. A place to revive and find home with a cup of hot chocolate in various tases such as strawberry-pepper, or ginger-banana, etc. When I need some happiness I start the day there, and I recommend everyone to do so when planning a trip…

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