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Axe (or Lynx, as it is referred to in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom) is a brand of male grooming products owned by Unilever.

Fall in love with perfume

Story by kezia shintya , Indonesia

Fall in love with perfume. I really like the AXE perfume. The fragrance is very seductive, sexy and full of sensation. AXE perfume means I can not keep away from my boyfriend.

Love It

Story by Bella Permana , Indonesia

I really love this product. My boyfriend uses it alot as well. Its a great product. 

The best by far

Story by Jayla Klein , United States

I LOOOOVVVEEE it. My boyfriend wears it and I just can’t help but get closer to him. Only thing is that when I can’t see him I don’t get to smell it anymore so I went out and bought some. Tsunami is the best by far and then the blue one.

It does nothing special for me

Story by Xtine Lee , United States

I don’t like Axe. It’s cheap and it smells cheap too. I admit, it isn’t the worst smelling thing out there but it does nothing special for me. Quite contrary to the commericals Axe does not automatically make me want to rape silverware. It could smell alright but almost everyone that uses it uses too…

Scent is a huge part of attraction

Story by Lauren , Canada

Ok. Axe won’t make me fall over every man I see, or smell rather, but it does do something for you when the guy you’re with uses it. My boyfriend uses Phoenix. I love the smell of it. Love, love, love, love, love it. Scent is a huge part of attraction really. Nice on the…

Makes the poser knockoff brands jealous

Story by Kevin , United States

Axe is the best. I heard the fragrances were developed by the same women who did CkOne and Obsession. They are great. My girlfriend absolutely goes apesh*t when I wear it. The advertising is cool and the poser knockoff brands (i.e. TAG and O.S.) obviously are jealous.

You get what you pay for

Story by Anonymous

Axe must have some of the worst male fragrances available on the planet. Some are obvious rip offs of more expensive “designer colognes” that kind of hit the mark but not really. Axe is usually never worn in a subtle fashion, but the entire $4.00 can is expelled over every reachable skin surface by at…

Now that I'm in the US, I can easily find it...

Story by Kent , United States

Back in England I used to know this product as Lynx and I’ve been a fan since 95 or so. They changed the names of the fragrances, but they’ve kept the color codes the same, and now that I’m in the US, I can easily find the same product that I used to use back…

What will be the next?

Story by Alan Krebs , United States

Blatantly sexist advertising creates a market for a “me too” product. A lot of money goes into this advertising campaign, and I suppose the promise of resulting coupling will sell lots of product. What will be the next hot product?

Should be axed!

Story by Mark Mack , United Kingdom

Oh dear! Axe really should be axed! The sweet sickly vapours that waft from some poor chump wearing this stuff make me choke. In the changing rooms at my gym it’s a real familiar pong. And no matter what variety one can always tell what the brand is. This is the stuff that was called…

Now is see their point...

Story by Fallon Crowley , United States

When I first saw the commercials for Axe saying that women wouldn’t be able to resist a man wearing Axe, I scoffed. Then, my boyfriend started wearing Axe Tsunami. And now I see their point..

More provocative and enticing

Story by Lauren , United States

Guys who smell nice are a wonderful thing. AXE is so much more provocative and enticing than many designer scents I’ve found in department stores. I couldn’t believe it when a guy told me his scent was… “Well, it’s just my deoderant.” Wow.

Very particular

Story by Katerina Panagiotidi , Greece

My boyfriend wears AXE AFRICA and I have to say that I cannot keep my hands away when he gets out of the bathroom and he sprays it on his body! It has a very particular and special smell.

I can't resist it

Story by Penni , United States

AXE is just amazing. Whenever my boyfriend leaves his AXE around, I can’t resist picking it up and smelling it. It smells so good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard one person say to another, “You smell good! What are you wearing?” and the reply, “AXE”.

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