Aurifil is an Italian brand of cotton quilting thread. The company was first established in 1983.

Makes all my sewing better

Story by D_thread

The first thing people notice about this fabulous Italian-made thread is the wide array of colors. 252 colors in their cotton line, 192 in the Lana wool. Once someone tries it, they realize how beautifully it sews either by hand or machine. The twist is perfect, your seams are smooth and flat, the machine loves…

Pure heaven to work with

Story by QuilterPat

I am a quilter, and a sewist, and need to use the best products in my work. Aurifil thread has a wonderful range of colors, a beautiful shine, it’s not linty (important!), and comes in 4 weights for ALL the colors. Pure heaven to work with and makes my art looks fabulous.

Sews like a dream

Story by Jodie Davis

So you think it’s crazy to be in love with thread? Then you haven’t met a spool of Aurifil. It sews like a dream, leaves very little lint, and have you seen the colors? Check out the beauty shots on the web site. And stop drooling, get in the car, and go to your local…

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