Aspirin is a brand of medication to relieve minor aches and pains.

Never without some

Story by Nancy Torok , United States

What else could we ask for? Cheap, effective, (mostly safe – no medicine is without some risks, of course), used for one’s head AND one’s heart, and a few minor aches and pains. Never without some around the house.


Story by Kathleen Houlahan , United States

A drug that has been shown to be mostly safe throughout many, many years, aspirin is still being found to be effective for many new uses. It’s a real wonder drug.

Works every time

Story by Murat Gungor , Canada

It works every time for my headache. It is also recommended for allaying heart attacks, thrombi and cancer. It’s a wonder medicine! Since 1897, it has been used all around the world. Probably most tested medicine ever. I’m not a doctor, though, so don’t take my words literally!

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