Argus Cameras

Argus is a brand of cameras and photographic products first founded in Michigan, USA, in 1936. Its best-known product was the C3 rangefinder camera.


Story by yona debora

I am addicted to this application. Life wouldn’t be as good without one of these cameras.   

The camera I had a fond nostalgia for

Story by James Gravina , Australia

Way back in 1961 I had a camera which took amazingly sharp pictures; I have a feeling it was white, maybe aluminium and was quite heavy. It had a split image rangefinder if I remember correctly. Occasionally I would try and remember the name of that camera that took those stunning pictures. I still have…

It works great!

Story by Brandi , United States

I also have a Argus 35 mm camera that is in great shape. My dad was going to sell it at a yard sale, I was able to stop him, I’m glad I did. It works great!

Holding that Argus, still reminds me of my father

Story by James , United States

I have pictures of my father from 1944, when he was 13. He told me once that he took these pictures with an Argus Camera. He showed me pictures from when he served in Korea, also taken with an Argus Camera. I was in a thrift store in California when I came across an old…

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