Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is an American animated television series.

Infinitely creative!

Story by Max , United States

Wickedly funny. This cartoon is not for all tastes, there is a lot of dry humor and ridiculous humor. The villains are hilarious, especially the “Mooninites”. Infinitely creative!


Story by Grue , United States

Only in America does one of my favorite shows become a mass-marketing tool. At least the show ridicules mindless consumerism and the like, which makes it ironic that Aqua Teen is mentioned here…

All messy!

Story by Kathleen Kinard , United States

I am disturbed by how much I love this show… Meatwad is too cute… I want to hug him! But then I’d be all messy!

A strange concept

Story by Renee Napier , United States

This cartoon is crazy! And the little old-school, video game looking aliens that come and give this trio a hard time are hilarious as well. Such a strange concept for a group of characters… definitely love it!

Makes me laugh until I cry

Story by A. Marie , United States

“My name is Shakezoola, the Mike Ruler, the Old Schoolah!” This is the funniest thing on TV today. How on earth they made a TV show with a cast of characters including a milkshake, a box of fries, and a meatball is beyond me. Makes me laugh until I cry. I have to quote them…

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