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Apple is a California-based computer technology company. It helped start the personal computer revolution in the 1970s and is known for its innovation design hardware and software offerings.

One Stop Shop

Story by juniorjohan

It’s like a one-stop line of products for my daily activities. It supplies your needs as a professional or a friendly consumer. I am fa ilm student based in Jakarta, I oftenly edit my footages out there on the field, and Apple’s Macbook is my reliance for working in this creative industry. That aside, it…

State of the art technology

Story by Irfan150 , Indonesia

What I love about Apple products is that they are really easy to use. Apple does not only offer a flawless functioning, but state of the art technology. They have understood human needs in terms of beautiful design for technology. That makes me feel proud to be an Apple user. I could never imagine owning any other…

Perfect match

Story by Rully Febrina , Indonesia

I really love all Apple products. They are just perfect! The system and interface run smoothly and the design always looks so elegant. Apple is my perfect match. 

Sophisticated features

Story by dinameidianti , Indonesia

My first apple product was the IPod classic in 2007 and it still works very well. I love Apple because its design always looks simple and amazing. Their software ​​is known for its sophistication and Apple always provides a variety of interesting features that do not exist on other phones. 

Madly in love with Apple

Story by Winaria Seng , Indonesia

When the Iphone first came out, I just had to have it. It is a music player, laptop, tablet and a phone all on one and is so much lighter to carry than all of the other tech devices. I fell in love with my IPhone back then and I am still deeply and madly in love with…

User friendly

Story by Winaria Seng , Indonesia

I love Apple phones and how easy they are to use. What can go wrong with one button? The design is simple yet elegant and it just is the most user friendly phone I ever had. 

A thousand words

Story by Hanny Marlini , Indonesia

I could say a thousand words about Apple. Apple is amazing, elegant, sophisticated, helpful and classy….My phone already fell down a few times, but nothing ever happened. That shows me that the Iphone is really high-quality.

Loyalty beyond reasons

Story by Rully Febrina , Indonesia

I will always be a loyal Apple user. It is not only about all the great features Apple provides me with like sophisticated cameras and applications, but also about my personal feeling that Apple is the right choice for me. Apple products always have an elegant design, user-friendly applications and Apple is exclusive. 

First choice

Story by joseph sudjono , Indonesia

You can fall in love with this product easily. I personally feel elegant and exclusive when I am using it. What do you feel?

Apple is my soul

Story by kezia shintya , Indonesia

3 words that can describe this product are classy, elegant and highly-qualified. Love can disappoint you, but Apple will never let you down. I recommend Apple over any other product.

Sophisticated technology behind a simple design

Story by neysadamara , Indonesia

The first Apple product I used was the iPhone. I brought my first iPhone a few years ago and I still use the iPhone now. I would not change my choice. My first impression of Apple is that is uses very sophisticated technology behind a simple design.

Perfect Technology

Story by neysadamara , Indonesia

Apple designs products that are simple and elegant. I love all Apple products because they make my life easier in every way.  

Elegant Apple

Story by Kinanti Odelia , Indonesia

I love Apple products. They make the products look very elegent and you feel cool when you own Apple. They are definitely worth buying.  

Simply elegant

Story by Agung Aksara

I really love Apple products. It has been 2 years since the first time I started using Apple. Now I’ve been using an Phone 5 for a year and I love it. I am never disappointed by the products or the services. Simply elegant!

Once you fall in love you stay

Story by stefanctw , Indonesia

There was no love at the first sight for me, until I met Apple iBook G4 in 2004. My dad introduced me to it. The charm of simple body in white form caught me. I opened it and found the beautiful sight of the hardware. It was so magical when I slid my fingers to…