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Apple is a California-based computer technology company. It helped start the personal computer revolution in the 1970s and is known for its innovation design hardware and software offerings.

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I could never live without you.

Apple is my way of life, I love everything- the products and the company, and the story of the company. I have turned my PC-devoted friends over to Apple. Once you start using apple, you never want to go back to your old ways. Life is so much easier, steamlined, simple, and beautiful. I still…

Perfection Beyond Everything

Story by Daniel Adrian , Indonesia

Never have I found a replacement for my Macbook Pro. It’s obviously perfect to support all of my works. I am totally in love with the Retina Display feature since it could bring out all the beauty of colours and through it, I can see better. You have changed how I see my world.


Story by Johnny Sparks , United States

My first Apple had a monochromatic monitor. It wasn’t love at first sight. I was a PC user. However, after learning my way around, I feel in love for life.

Apple <3

Story by Sam Swaminathan , United States

The reason I devote time and money to Apple is because I am comfortable using their products. I also love the modern designs of their phones and laptops. They always set the bar for what a phone or laptop should look like. I also know there are random reasons for my love for Apple. I…


Story by Mery OG , Mexico

I just love its design, so simple, and also how easy it is to navigate through its system, everything is so functional.

No doubt a Lovemark

Story by

[…] Apple is no doubt a Lovemark on its own, the brand is not free from criticism though (especially from former […]

One Stop Shop

Story by juniorjohan

It’s like a one-stop line of products for my daily activities. It supplies your needs as a professional or a friendly consumer. I am fa ilm student based in Jakarta, I oftenly edit my footages out there on the field, and Apple’s Macbook is my reliance for working in this creative industry. That aside, it…

State of the art technology

Story by Irfan150 , Indonesia

What I love about Apple products is that they are really easy to use. Apple does not only offer a flawless functioning, but state of the art technology. They have understood human needs in terms of beautiful design for technology. That makes me feel proud to be an Apple user. I could never imagine owning any other…

Perfect match

Story by Rully Febrina , Indonesia

I really love all Apple products. They are just perfect! The system and interface run smoothly and the design always looks so elegant. Apple is my perfect match. 

Sophisticated features

Story by dinameidianti , Indonesia

My first apple product was the IPod classic in 2007 and it still works very well. I love Apple because its design always looks simple and amazing. Their software ​​is known for its sophistication and Apple always provides a variety of interesting features that do not exist on other phones. 

Madly in love with Apple

Story by Winaria Seng , Indonesia

When the Iphone first came out, I just had to have it. It is a music player, laptop, tablet and a phone all on one and is so much lighter to carry than all of the other tech devices. I fell in love with my IPhone back then and I am still deeply and madly in love with…

User friendly

Story by Winaria Seng , Indonesia

I love Apple phones and how easy they are to use. What can go wrong with one button? The design is simple yet elegant and it just is the most user friendly phone I ever had. 

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