Apollo missions

The Apollo program was a human spaceflight program undertaken by NASA from 1961 to 1975 with the goal of conducting manned moon landing missions.

Live and love

Story by Chen Yanfei , France

From the sight of the moon, our planet displays fully the beauty of blue color and the shape of the universe. It shows us that we all live and love in one restless village with a calm image.


Story by Laurie Medvick , United States

The Apollo missions were daring, brave, and exciting. The mementos and vast new fields of knowledge were legacy enough (the whole world has been changed by seeing photos of itself!), but the best product is the overwhelming sense of hope!

Courage ...

Story by Nelson Riner , United States

Courage to benefit all of mankind, that’s what our Apollo missions are all about. It’s part of what makes America great and a country to emulate.

The nourishment of experience

Story by Beverly Kludy , United States

The moon missions opened new boundaries, both physical boundaries and boundaries of the human soul. Human beings require the nourishment of new experience and hope for the future. This was certainly one of the greatest experiences of our lifetime.

Their leap of faith

Story by Donald Mercer , United States

Without the courage, committment, and tenacity of the few to accept a challenge; man’s quest to explore, learn, and step beyond himself would never have resulted in the adventurous, wonderful and powerful changes wrought in human civilization. Those few, the pioneers, who risked all, so that the many later, could benefit and follow their leap…

Looking for adventure

Story by Phyllis Hecker , United States

As they say on Star Trek “Space – the final frontier”. Only our forefathers had a similiar experience navigating an unknown and dangerous country, looking for adventure. The astronauts of the Apollo Mission were truly heroes.

Awed by the wonder

Story by Jen Valentine , United States

Space travel is the one thing that the entire world can relate to as a shared experience – not that we’ve all been there, done that – but that we have seen the pictures, watched the launches, and been awed by the wonder of it all. The Apollo Missions were the first tantalizing taste the…

Too bad there isn't an 'earthcam'

Story by Avi Solomon , United States

This shining triumph of mankind’s voyage to the moon will always remain a true reminder of our capacity to work for the good of all humanity and the blue planet. It may be that the most significant discovery of the voyages to the moon was the view of the fragile planet with the thin layer…

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