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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an award-winning American actress. She is known for her work with humanitarian causes and is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United National high Commisioner for Refugees.

Beautiful and kind

Story by jesslynamabel , Indonesia

I really adore her not only because she is beautiful, but she has a kind heart. She is a role model to me and I hope I can meet her someday.

Fans love her

Story by Gabriella Tera

The mother of children in the world. She is the most energetic woman that I have ever seen. She is full of surprises and always make her fans fall more in love with her. I love her!

Angelina Fan

Story by Gabriella Tera

She is my motivation because she is such an amazing woman. I have learned so much from her like the fact that she is always trying new things. She is the most talented woman in the world so I am a big fan! 

Beautiful and Kind

Story by jesslynamabel , Indonesia

I really adore her, not just because she is beautiful but also because she has a kind heart. She is a role model to me and I hope I can meet her one day.  

Magnificent Maleficent

Story by jesslynamabel , Indonesia

I really adore her. She is one of my role models. Angelina has a beautiful heart and she’s a great actress. Brad Pitt really suits her as a husband. The last movie I watched was Maleficent and her act was magnificent. I wish I could meet her in person one day. 


Story by masayu farah afifah , Indonesia

She has the most beautiful lips in the world, she seem’s like a really brave person, espeicially with her cancer ordreal. I’m really proud of her for that. Go Jolie. 

Fierce Beauty

Story by Devi Indah Permatasari , Indonesia

Angelina is a fierce-beautiful-awesome woman. She is an American sweetheart. She has never been afraid to express herself, elegantly or emotionally. Her decision to publish publicly about her surgery so other women could benefit from her experience shows bravery and an overwhelming desire to help others. She is empowering other woman. She is a true…

I Admire Her Courage

Story by Dewi Yuany , Indonesia

Two words for her: Fascinating Woman! I admire her courage to announce her decision to have double mastectomy. It is a huge step for an international and successful actress to have the courage and she did not hide any truth nor excuses reasons. Jolie is a hot and caring mom with 6 kiddos, inspiring them…

A total inspiration and one of a kind!

Story by Heidi-Jo Brown , United Kingdom

Angelina is, as her name translates, a pretty little angel! She is the most goddess like woman alive. No one matches her unique beauty. Her talent is outstanding and is growing. Her personality is unique also. She is a kind, caring, maternal humanitarian with a dark edge that leaves people fascinated. She refuses to hide…

Acting and beauty

Story by Mins bhat , India

Angelina is a great actress and she is the most beautiful woman in THE WORLD! No one can beat her in both acting and beauty. She has got it all name, fame, money, beauty- in short everything! She is a great human being and is the best.

Attention, respect, and awe...

Story by Nicole , Canada

Regardless, there are very few actors who command the attention, respect, and awe of entire audiences. Angelina is an actress for the ages, and personal problems or not, one of the most interesting and real actors in Hollywood.

Entirely unique

Story by Nikki , Canada

Angelina Jolie is intriguing. The gaze of her eyes command attention, and the twinkle they hide cause everyone who sees Jolie to look harder. There are very few actors who match her beauty – it is entirely unique. There are very few actors who match her intrigue – from her starring roles down to the…

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