Andrex Toilet Tissue

Andrex is a brand of toilet tissues first produced in 1942. The company is a subsidiary of Kimberly-Clark.

Soft and gentle

Story by Penny Pavlicka , United States

Puppies are so soft and so gentle, just like a good toilet paper! Puppies like to roll and roll and roll! Puppies can get wet, just like toilet paper, and still hold together!

On a roll

Story by Lorraine Henke , United States

People attribute human qualities to their pets, and some pets can be trained to use the john, but to reach for the toilet paper is just that – a reach. But of course, toddlers and puppies both love to play with the roll.


Story by Joe Bates , United States

This one made me feel all squishy. I don’t know why, I guess I’m just a no good rotten squish….if I felt this squishy all the time, I’d have to be flushed down the toilet!

Hard to resist

Story by Sharon Lewis , United States

Puppies are soft and cuddly, and puppy breath is unforgettable. So I can see how toilet paper and puppies go together. Once you find something you like, it’s kind of hard to resist going back again and again.

They are so cute

Story by Diana Sailor , United Kingdom

How can anyone associate toilet paper – I mean toilet paper of all things – with heart-warming images of labrador puppies? Loyalty beyond reason and logic? But I have to admit they are so cute…

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