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Amazon.com was one of the first companies to sell goods over the Internet. Launched in 1995, the company began with online book-selling but has now branched off into many other areas.

The Easy Way Of Shopping

Story by vanny

Amazon became the convenient way to go shopping when you don’t have the time. They provide a variety of products with great prices and I always love shopping there.

So un-Amazon

Story by Martin Rayner

I have to remove my Lovemark. The service continues to excel but the non payment of taxes is so un-Amazon. Amazon has the edge on other retailers who pay their taxes. Why do they have to ruin a great Lovemark by not paying their corporate dues?

The most complete shop ever

Story by Celine Ringo , Indonesia

Amazon always has the best prices for all kinds of stuff. When I want to buy something online, I will go to Amazon.com first. They are the most complete online shop ever, for either new or used products. I am really satisfied with them because the shipping is fast, arriving one week or even a…

Always have the best prices

Story by hannahfelicity , United Kingdom

I buy all my books from Amazon because there is a huge choice and they ALWAYS have the best prices. I love the fact you can buy either new books or used books to save money. I have also sold over 200 of my unwanted books and DVDs on their site, and I am very…

Mecca of Internet shopping

Story by TjTran

The simplicity of shopping combined with the excitement of receiving your own personal gift. Amazon.com is my Lovemark. Rarely do I shop for an item that I know nothing about. Seldom do I seek out a worker to tell me what I want to buy. Not only does Amazon.com allow me to read the stories…

Amazon rules - it's that simple

Story by Morgaine Swann , United States

Amazon rules – it’s that simple. It keeps track of what I buy so I don’t end up with duplicates. I find lots of used books that are out of print or that cost way below retail. If it’s not the first place I go to shop, it’s usually the last, because I’ve looked at…

You're done!

An online place where words are real experience. You’re done! True signature line in its real spirits. They mean it. Always kept their promise. Amazing Amazon.com.

Still my #1 Lovemark

Story by Frank Harrison , United Kingdom

Now here is a true Lovemark – almost four years after I first nominated it here (on 16 Feb 2004) it is still my #1 Lovemark. Still 100% delivery against expectation every single time. Still great personalised offers. Still great value. Still relevant, non-intrusive emailing. Still great packaging. Still a gift for me every time…

You can find nearly anything

Story by E Brewster , United States

I’m so torn. There’s NO PLACE better to do on-line browsing for books, you can find nearly anything and the prices are great. But…I tend to want to do my buying at the independents with all their bricks and mortar quirkiness.

If I can't find it here, I can't find it anywhere

Story by Janet Van , United States

I’m also a customer from way back and I’ve watched Amazon grow and change. And no matter what, the focus is always books and CDs/DVDs. I admire how Amazon had the nerve to allow other sellers to join in the party. If I can’t find it here, I can’t find it anywhere.

I am probably one of Amazon's earliest customers.

Story by Nancy Torok , United States

I am probably one of Amazon’s earliest customers. I just found an old receipt, inside a book, dated October 1995. It felt like such a neat idea to read about a book and get nearly instant gratification by being able to buy it, even in pajamas! I often wanted books that had to be specially…

Always able to count on Amazon

Story by Laurie Medvick , United States

Amazon is amazing! I’ve been ordering from them since they were just a novel idea. I’ve always been able to count on Amazon – everything arrives, it gets here when it’s supposed to, it gets sent to other people and the gift wrap is lovely, and it always provides just what I’m looking for. Many…

Those many years ago

Story by Sharon Fernando , United States

Amazon.com is one of the original shopping sites on the web. It was the first site I ever felt safe to order from those many years ago, and it is still one of the best! Keep up the great service, Amazon.com!

A booklover's dream

Story by Robert Walston , United States

As a librarian, I love Amazon.com. The reviews by trade publications and readers are invaluable. In particular, I enjoy the lists of favorites contributed by readers who share their enthusiasm with others. The site offers a wealth of information, great pricing, a huge inventory, and quick shipment. Now with greatly expanded non-book merchandise, it’s the…

Everything I need

Story by Kelly Murray , United States

I love Amazon.com. I can always find everything I need there. Things that aren’t available where I live can be found with ease and are always promptly delivered.

They've never failed me

Story by Kristen Haines , United States

I have been with Amazon since before they hit it big. I was impressed back then and continue to be impressed with every “upgrade”. Amazon has never failed me. In my mind, their name is synonymous with quality and reliability. You can’t go wrong with Amazon.

Relevant, non-intrusive

Story by Frank Harrison , United Kingdom

100% delivery against expectation every single time. Great personalised offers. Great value. Relevant, non-intrusive emailing. Great packaging. A gift for me every time it arrives (even though I bought it). The biggest, best, easiest, most personal shop on earth. A true Lovemark.

They know what we love

Story by Supitcha Katanyoo , Thailand

I have loved Amazon from the start! I had learned a lot about this website because of my professor’s assignments when I studied in USA. I totally admire what this Lovemark has been doing so far. They are doing great job in customer’s perspectives but not for themselves. They put a huge money on IT…

Slickest and best

Story by Jay Fleischman , United States

This is by far the slickest and best website on the Internet. It is never obtrusive – no “annoying” cookies or spybots (at least that I can readily detect!) – just great service.

AMAZON.COM what a Godsend!

Story by Tracy Eckels , United States

Amazon.com – what a Godsend! I remember way back when Amazon was just a crude, text only web site with a hit or miss search engine. Nevertheless, it has always been the source for any and all odd impossible to find book your heart desires. Today, Amazon.com has exploded into this mega on-line retailer selling…

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