Amazing Race (The)

The Amazing Race is an award-winning reality television game show where contestants race around the world. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan.

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I love the places and the emotions

Story by renanda nugraha , Indonesia

What I love about The Amazing Race is the places to visit, the emotions from the participants and how they manage to keep time to complete the race. The show really shows us how, in a short of time, they tactically manage to keep their relations going on between them.

Missing it is simply not possible

Story by Pootle , Singapore

The Amazing Race is the most exciting reality TV show I have ever watched. It is full of drama every episode and inspires such strong emotion and devotion that missing it is simply not possible. When I was a child, in the summer holidays my mum used to set us treasure trails in the garden…

Inspires me to embark on new adventures

Story by Katie McCord Jenkins , United States

This show continues to inspire me and amaze me. There’s nothing like watching the competition and adventure unfold, and it makes me think of the places and adventures out there that I could embark upon. The dynamics of the couples and their reactions to cultures and circumstances is great entertainment. I love getting the snapshots…

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