Air Jamaica

Air Jamaica is the national ariline of Jamaica. It is owned and operated by Caribbean Airlines and is headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago.

It's soaring to new heights!

Story by Kasic Haye , Jamaica

The Vibes was awesome. Travelling on this airline I felt safe. The warmth of the Jamaican people seem to extend to the way the airline operates. It is professional, courteous yet friendly. It’s soaring to new heights!

I know I would love it

Story by jessica mckinney , United States

I have never flown with that airline, but reading your statement, I know that I would love it. Jamaica is such a beautiful country and beach. I would love to go there.

Reminders of love

Story by Peter Williams , United States

This is the mark of love because it reminds one of one the rarest places and most frequently visited Island chains in the Western Hemisphere. Just imagine how many people have fallen in and out of love on those sandy sun drenched beaches beneath a pale or full moon, or spoken words of love as…

Affectionately known as the Love Bird

Story by Audrey Wong , United States

Air Jamaica is the airline of choice for my family. My sister first flew to America on The Lovebird in the sixties and the rest of us have flown Air Jamaica ever since. It’s a flying piece of Jamaican culture in its entirety – the music, food, service and several Jamaican female pilots, create the…

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