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Adidas is a manufacturer of sports apparel and accessories. The company’s clothing and shoe designs typically include three parallel stripes of the same color.

Legend shoes

Story by Tomo Indrw , Indonesia

Samba Classic Shoes Excellent shoes for those who need versatility from their shoes. I love the treads on the sambas. They provide excellent grip when outdoors, but are also flat, which suits my needs for the style of kung fu that I practice. The black colour matches with everything, and the rubber sole is dark,…

Worth it

Story by Tomo Indrw , Indonesia

My girlfriend loves any Adidas Sneakers! Perfect for her and she says they are super comfy!

A Great Walking Shoe

Story by Tomo Indrw , Indonesia

I have been wearing Adidas shoes for a few years now, and I’ve found them to be very good walking shoes. These are probably the best pair I’ve had yet, they broke in quick and provide great support for walking.

Catchy Stripes

Story by Kunto Adi

What I like about adides is the three stripes on their shirts/pants, which are very catchy and stylish, especially when it’s the combination of black and white/yellow.

Awesome Shoes

Story by Isnan Fadel , Indonesia

Adidas shoes have great arch support and thicker soles than most fashion sneakers. Be sure to buy them a half size up as they generally run small.


Story by Tomo Indrw , Indonesia

There’s three things in life you should have: money, women and Adidas.

Original Awesome, Adidas Originals

Story by ryandika aldani , Indonesia

I’ve walked with Adidas originals more than a million steps and I feel really cool and awesome when I wear them. Adidas originals has make me feel so cool when I wear them. Original & awesome, Adidas Originals!

Running with a smile

Story by Hana Mardiani Siti Sarah , Indonesia

Every morning when I go running I have a smile on my face. Why? My adidas shoes feel amazing on my feet and knowing that I am doing something for my health whilst looking stylish is the greatest morning boost of all.

Like a soulmate

Story by Natania Bernike , Indonesia

Adidas are shoes that comfort my feet. Adidas is like a soulmate to me, because I take every step with Adidas anytime, anywhere.

Everyday Adidas

Story by Jo_Dias

Whatever I am doing, Adidas has comfortable shoes for me to wear. Even for a formal event, I still feel confident wearing a sports shoe because they are so fashionable. I like to wear Adidas shoes everyday.  

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