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Adbusters is a magazine with no ads that challenges consumer culture.

Brands exist because we let them...

Story by Joshua Rex , United Kingdom

Adbusters – an oxymoron? Abso-bloody-lutely. Any brand that is created on the premise of being an anti-brand is a joke. Where is there integrity. Adbusters rides upon and manipulates consumer ‘hippy’ sentiment. I’m all for better work practices, labour rights etc….but Adbusters does nothing to achieve this. They exploit by looking for freebies and donations…


Story by Tim Kitchin , United Kingdom

Blackspot sneakers are one of only two or three credible lovemarks in the world. A brand that by its mere existence, fulfils its promise. Buying blackspot sneakers does not just ‘entail’ a particular emotional bond, it actually creates that bond, by binding the buyer into a global anticorporation. It demands brand commitment. And gets it.

A beautiful publication which makes me think

Story by Simon Egan , United Kingdom

Adbusters is such a brilliant source of information, and against the pollution of our mental environment I can’t imagine life without it, a beautiful publication which makes me think. And then there’s blackspot sneakers, media carta, endless things to participate in and explore.

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