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Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand of vodka introduced in 1879. Much of Absolut’s fame is due to its long-running advertising campaign. Started around 1980, the ad campaign is the longest running ever.

We are drinking Absolut Vodka

Story by Anonymous

We have stumbled across this glorious nomination as we are drinking Absolut Vodka. You thought the standard Absolut was good enough? Try citron for a new flavour experience!

I don’t think I have ever drunk the vodka

Story by sandydr , Netherlands

When I was a teenager I started collecting the Absolut Vodka ads. I have one scrapbook filled with them and think they are wonderful. Although I am an adult now I don’t think I have ever drunk the vodka but I love the style of the brand.

Reason itself cannot understand

Story by Armadeta , Indonesia

A very perfect brand to accompany me and my buddies. The buddies might change, but the bond remain Absolut! Sometimes the heart does things for a reason that reason itself cannot understand. I think the exact sentence goes perfectly to the Absolut brand…

It will go on living...

Story by Sergio Ruiz , Germany

This is a classic, beyond just a product! I have been to the Absolut bar in Jukkäsjarvi in Sweden, and was Absolut-ely great! All of the flavors are fantastic and the shape of the bottles will go on living. Have you ever tried Absolut Peach?

A result of my admiration

Story by Jale , Turkey

absolut is my ideal brand. As a result of my admiration, I even wrote an academic article on it which was published last month:)

... but only Absolut.

Story by Ozlem Demirel , Turkey

Absolut is a legend with its advertising. Whenever I go to a club, I couldn’t drink anything except Absolut. If I have a small amount of money, I will drink one glass of Absolut but only Absolut.

My little fetish

Story by Uvis Leskavnieks , Latvia

Absolut Vodka is my little fetish. It is hard to explain, how human soul’s 21 grams can love a peace of ethyl in the silica cover. If you have an Absolut bottle in your hand, you can look like a belle of the ball or the saddest man who ever hold a glass in his…

A great collection by anyone's standards...

Story by Tanya G , Sweden

Absolut vodka are continuing to do some interesting things- one project gets music producers to interpet the bottle in audio; check out absoluttracks.com for free download of tracks from London’s DJ VADIM, Berlin’s MONICA KRUSE, Polish SIENKIEWICZ and Spanish House producer WALLY LOPEZ. Absolut seem to be keeping a low profile about this – I…

Extension of the brand

Story by Craig , United States

What’s even more remarkable about the Absolut brand is the way in which it has been extended beyond the traditional boundaries. Sure, we all know they’re creative and innovative with their advertising, but for something truly unique, look no further than its website. Few other companies “get it” when it comes to creating a virtual…

Creative taste

Story by Mihai Botea , Romania

Absolut Pepper is the best vodka I’ve ever drunk. It combines absolut purity with a lot of creativity in a surprising taste. Also, the absolut ads are remarkable, showing absolut in various situations from real life. Great brand, which lets the most part of the message be hidden. Yet the quality cannot be expressed.

A constant chain

Story by Ruso Saginadze , Georgia

It is an ABSOLUT BRAND essence. One word, and the world is obsessed with Absolut – a mania for more than 20 years. Absolut managed to form a constant chain of inspiration. It is a baton taking of creativity. The only brand that forces you to think creatively, to develop creative ideas, to become a…

Provider of pleasure and passion

Story by Charles Adams , United States

Of all the purities and prides of the world, Absolut is the quintessential provider of pleasure and passion for perfection. Taste, savor, relax and enjoy.. life is too short to do anything less… for yourself, and all who love the finest in life.

I started a collection

Story by Mark , United States

When I was about 15, it was the height of the Absolut ad trend. I started a collection and had about 100+ ads. My High School girlfriend had a collection too. My room was covered in about 50 of them, and I even used to trade them with people. I would even go to the…

One idea

Story by Stan Jarin , Australia

Absolut is a bit different from many of the other brands here because of all the talk about its ad campaign. Which is fine, I guess, except that brand and product are not synonyms. But no-one seems to care less what the quality of the product offering is. So, image rules. Which kind of makes…

Humor and soul

Story by Beatrice Remy , Hong Kong

Absolut is a brand that makes you smile when you see its ad: just the right touch of humor; entertaining yet not too heavy. Then I saw the Absolut web site and the section about the personal stories… it seems that the brand has a soul too.

I have a collection

Story by Flor Gallardo , Costa Rica

I love Absolut especially the advertising and the merchandise – key holders, pens and notebooks, for example. The Absolut Vodka image is very cool. I have a collection, especially the print ads. It is smart advertising. I enjoy finding the magazine ads.

Absolut Vodka continues to surprise me.

Story by Stefania Draghici , Romania

It is smart, funny, trendy. It always has a different story for us – inviting us to discover “what is the story this time?” It can be anything it wants, transforming any object, situation or issue. I don’t even drink vodka, but I love the Absolut brand!

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