The Lovemark Profiler

The Lovemarks Profiler is a series of in-depth questions which can help you locate a brand, product, service or experience on the Love/Respect Axis. It also helps identify gaps and opportunities for enhancing a Lovemark's potential.

Instructions: Answer the following questions with a YES or NO answer. If you can answer YES to all the questions, congratulations, your brand is a Lovemark! If you can not answer YES to all of the questions below, identify the section where love is needed.

Respect: Performance, Trust and Reputation

It’s the consumer that decides whether something is a Lovemark - and the consumer needs to respect that ’something’ first. See the Love/Respect Axis for more on this.
Performance is critical to good relationships. How can you love something that constantly lets you down? Does ____ perform as best in class each and every time?
Confidence lays the foundation for commitment and commitment is essential to a Lovemark. Do you feel confident enough to recommend ____ to your best friend?
Lovemarks cannot be associated with anything that would knowingly hurt people or the environment they live in. Are you confident that ____ would never do anything you wouldn’t want to be associated with?
Giving great value is table-stakes for any Lovemark. Is ____ good value for the experience it offers?

Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy


If you knew everything about someone, why would you come back for more? Mystery stimulates excitement, surprise and wonder. Great stories Stories are the food that Lovemarks thrive on. They are the way we give value to the things we love. A perfect Lovemarks story? The tale of the couple who named their daughter Isabella Alexus after she was born in the back seat of the family Lexus.
Do you have a story you often use to show how you feel about ____?
Do you often see ____ mentioned positively in the media?
Have you ever given ____ some direct feedback? It could have been any kind of comment or story or testimonial.
Past, present and future together Human beings have an accurate sense of time and who matters to them. Shared experiences show us where we belong and who cares about us.
Do you know how ____ started and some of the goals it has achieved over the years?
Have you ever seen ____ celebrating a milestone or an event from its past?
Taps into dreams Dreams are why Lovemarks have such a mysterious familiarity to those who love them. Apple Computers dreams of being ahead of everyone else in design and cool. Being seated at a Steinway playing to a rapt audience burrows deep into the dreams of musicians.
Are you aware of what ____ has in mind for the future?
Does ____ fit in perfectly to the way you dream about yourself?
Myths and icons McDonald’s golden arches, M&M’s candy spokespeople, Hello Kitty, they all share personality, distinctiveness and attitude. Icons can also be great events or special places.
If ____ was suddenly no longer available, would it make a real difference to your life?
Inspiration Lovemarks are inspirational. From Nelson Mandela to the Toyota Prius’ determination to help make the world a better place, Lovemarks do the right thing.
Is ____ associated with any icon, logo, symbol or mythic characters?


The five senses are portals to the emotions. Vision, sound, smell, touch, taste. This is how we experience the world and shape our relationships. Vision Great design is a sign that love has been lavished on a Lovemark. While form may follow function, it is form that warms the heart. Simply put, a poorly-designed object cannot be a Lovemark.
Has ____ been designed to deliver more than the basic functional requirements?
Is ____ the best designed example of its type?
Is ____ the ultimate design for its category?
Sound When Harley-Davidson attempted to copyright the roar of their bikes, they wanted to keep hold of magic. Music too captures spirit and gives us the milestones of our memories.
If ____ has a sound, do you know what it is?
Smell and Taste The smell of a new car, the taste of freshly-baked cookies, the perfume of the one you love. Our sense of smell and taste are inextricably entwined. Can’t think of a way to associate taste with what you’ve selected to profile? Apple did it for computers. Made them in candy colours, called them names like lime, blueberry and tangerine. YUM!
Does ____ have a great smell or taste associated with it?
If ____ has a smell or a taste, do you know what it is?
Touch As soon as we are born we start to learn about the world we love by touching. A Lovemark understands that the way something feels shapes how we feel about it.
Does ____ have a physical sensation that you can’t find in anything else?
Do you get pleasure from touching ____?


Love affairs are personal. They demand perfect pitch. They can soar or falter on a gesture. Intimacy is often only valued when the spell is broken. Empathy The reason we stick to the things we love is because we feel at home with them. They speak to our secret desires and anticipate our needs before we can even articulate them.
Do you think you matter to the people responsible for ____?
Do you feel that ____ will listen if you when you make a suggestion?
Do you know the name of anyone involved with ____?
Many Lovemarks have a nickname or pet name. Fedex, Bud, Coke and Bloomies are all examples. Does ____ have one?
Commitment Love is a long-term commitment. Sure it can be tested, and certainly it can falter. But love is strong and has reserves that get it through the hard times. Love in the bank.
If you found something that performed slightly better than ____ would you stay loyal to ____ anyway?
If something went wrong with ____ do you have confidence in people responsible to do the right thing, do it quickly and fix the problem?
Passion A Lovemark thrives on the intensity and spark of passion. Passion is what makes people want to get up close and personal.
Have you ever tried to convince anyone to change to ____?
If ____ had human emotions, do you know what they would be?

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