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Welcome to Lovemarks.com, a community place for sharing awareness of Lovemark brands, people and places around the globe. Lovemarks deliver beyond your expectations of great performance. Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without. Ever.

Brands have run out of juice. More and more people in the world have grown to expect great performance from products, services and experiences. And most often, we get it. Cars start first time, fries are always crisp, dishes shine.

Saatchi & Saatchi looked closely at the question: What makes some brands inspirational, while others struggle?

And we came up with the answer: Lovemarks: the future beyond brands.

How Do I Know a Lovemark?

Lovemarks transcend brands. They deliver beyond your expectations of great performance. Like great brands, they sit on top of high levels of respect – but there the similarities end.

Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without. Ever.

Take a brand away and people will find a replacement. Take a Lovemark away and people will protest its absence. Lovemarks are a relationship, not a mere transaction. You don’t just buy Lovemarks, you embrace them passionately. That’s why you never want to let go.

Put simply, Lovemarks inspire: Loyalty Beyond Reason.

The Hallmarks of a Lovemark

At the core of every Lovemark is Respect. No Respect? It’s not a Lovemark. It’s as simple as that.

Check out the Love/Respect Axis below and work out where your favorite brand is sitting.

A Lovemark’s high Love is infused with these three intangible, yet very real, ingredients: Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy.

Mystery draws together stories, metaphors, dreams and symbols. It is where past, present and future become one.

Mystery adds to the complexity of relationships and experiences because people are drawn to what they don’t know. After all, if we knew everything, there would be nothing left to learn or to wonder at.

Sensuality keeps the five senses on constant alert for new textures, intriguing scents and tastes, wonderful music. Sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.

Our senses work together to alert us, lift us, transport us. When they are stimulated at the same time, the results are unforgettable. It is through the five senses we experience the world and create our memories.

Intimacy means empathy, commitment and passion. The close connections that win intense loyalty as well as the small perfect gesture. These are often remembered long after functions and benefits have faded away.

Without Intimacy people cannot feel they own a brand, and without that conviction a brand can never become a Lovemark.

The Love / Respect Axis

Love Respect Axis

The bottom left finds you in the Low Love and Low Respect quadrant. This is the positioning of classic commodities. Public Utilities, low value transactions. Essential to our lives but going nowhere. Zero brand heat.

Now, move across to the bottom right quadrant to High Love and Low Respect. This is the land of fads, trends and infatuations. Last month’s gotta-haves. Next month’s has-beens. Hairstyles and Pop Stars. You can have a lot of fun down here but you won’t get Loyalty Beyond Reason.

The Low Love and High Respect quadrant in the top left of the axis is where most major brands are stuck. Functional benefits, solid performance, and always fixed on those “e-r” words. Newer, brighter, stronger, bolder and worst of all, cheaper. Needed but not desired.

High Love and High Respect is the place to be. The top right of the top right hand quadrant. This is Lovemark territory.

Only here, stretching for high love and resting on high respect, is where deep emotional connections are made.

Remember only the customer can decide Lovemark status. And they’ll only do it for brands that are up there in the top right, where the sun always shines.

The Future of Lovemarks

Lovemarks can be found everywhere but to connect with consumers brands will need to go straight for the heart. The Age of Now is all about the mastery of emotional communication; not manipulation. In the Era of New marketing, it was all about your product. In the Age of Now it’s all about the single question consumers have of you: “How will you improve my life?” Answering this is to deliver priceless value on screen and in store.

On screen
For decades screens were Irreplaceable and Irresistible whether in television sets or movie theaters. In the twenty-first century, the family of screens has many more members whether on mobile phones or computers, tablets or digital billboards. But the proliferation of screens is not an excuse to get more complicated. It is the way to get closer to consumers by creating Lovemarks and Loyalty Beyond Reason.

In store
Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy are transforming the in store experience. Stores will host the next creative revolution as they become Theaters of Dreams. Lovemarks in store activate the drama of the brand where it matters by looking through the eyes of shoppers. The store is where over 80 percent of shopper decisions are made and an amazing 50 percent of brand switches happen.

Lovemarks Campus

Over the past decade, the Lovemarks concept has sparked a wealth of research on the topic of emotional marketing. Lovemarks Campus uses that research to facilitate a rigorous academic discussion on the role emotions play in consumer decisions.

Lovemarks Campus has cutting-edge research that informs Saatchi & Saatchi’s thinking about creating brands that inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason and includes papers, presentations, speeches, video and books. The site also features a number of tools for educators who are interested in teaching Lovemarks – and the broader idea of emotional marketing – to their students.

Saatchi & Saatchi is proud to be fostering a rich conversation about the thing that matters most to us in the world of marketing: the consumer experience.

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