Inspirational Owners: September 2007

Mary Quant

Mary Quant

Mary Quant is an English fashion designer, best known for inventing the miniskirt and her work on pop art in fashion. Innovative, unconventional and focused, Mary has used her passion for individuality and style to create a legend.


Creating Mary Quant as a Lovemark

I so much agree with the idea of Lovemarks. It is all about passion. I started by designing the clothes I wanted myself, for my friends and for art students.

Mary Quant Cosmetics

Cosmetics had become stuck. Cosmetic companies were huge and international and saw no reason to change with fashion. They saw lipstick as only ever being red, pink, or orange, and nail polish the same. The look was hard and lacquered and sold by dragon-like ladies.

As an art student I was using my Caran d’Ache crayons and watercolor paint box and brushes to do my makeup. I was merging the colors. You could achieve a natural look so that no one realised you were wearing makeup at all.

Then I saw Shrimpton and Coddington using foot-long brushes from stage makeup suppliers. This moved my thinking again. I wanted to develop a makeup collection that used different colors, different textures, different ways of application, and all in boxes you could carry around in your handbag.

I talked with cosmetic manufacturers who got excited, but they were only interested in doing a one-season promotion. Then a marvellous American cosmetic manufacturer, Stanley Picker, came into our garage studio and told me he would show me how to do it technically. We got so excited we started work that night. I wanted the packaging to be black, white, and silver and the product to be color. We spent nearly two years developing the Mary Quant cosmetic brand. It was a completely new approach to makeup. When we launched in 1966 it was the most frighteningly stunning success.

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