Inspirational Owners: May 2011



Gianpaolo Grazioli from Giapo gelato, Auckland, New Zealand, shares with us how he brings a sense of the extraordinary to his customers.

Retail has the potential to be the centre of the community, where things happen, where people meet and socialize. Participation is a high stake game and it is not just about the design of a new product, but it is about doing things together. Participation requires time but fun is assured.

Retail has the potential to inspire people that extraordinary things are possible, that change can happen. Inspiring others to be everything they can be right now is challenging because it requires legitimacy, transparency and love. I am a believer that consumerism is dead and upselling is so last century.

Retail has the potential to lead change in their industry and show that the impossible is possible. I am now doing a graduate degree in Applied Science, I am researching food chemistry to create the first gelato sorbet without calories, carbohydrates and fat, but all organic and natural. It is something that it has never been done before and we have already made a first prototype. Here is a link to our latest update.

The new reality is that retailers have no choice but to be part of and inspire the community around them. Having a large turnover is not the most important thing. Sales have to be considered only as one effect of the new definition of brand success. They are neither the determinant nor the cause of it. This is what Lovemarks taught me. This is what Lovemarks is to me.