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    Simple Kapadia.

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    • I will be rooting all the way

      Kabir Bedi

      17 October 2005

      Regarding Kabir Bedi we have to remember how we throw the word "greatness" around. Why is it that Kabir has never once acknowledged Steeve Reeves who first appraised the role of Sandokan? His fans are effusive like he is Callas or something. Handsome yes, talented, yes but I have had enough of the swashbuckling and big costumes. How about a role that demands adherence to a certain classicism? I am certain Kabir is capable and I will be rooting all the way. Should he decide to choose what is not facile but choose to surpass himself. Like Vivien Leigh sometimes it feels his looks are holding him back...excellent avanti maestro!

    • A class apart!!

      Derek Jacobi

      18 October 2005

      I saw Derek Jacobi a couple of times in my life. His hypocritical abilities in drama and comedy make your hair stand on end. Firstly, I want to say that if anyone is the best Hamlet there ever was it is he. I wish to express my commendations for his efforts to prompt research regarding Shakespeare and Edward de Vere. I want to see a performance of Oedipus Rex on film soon using the Rontiris method of full masks for the chorus in broad daylight. No one can play Oedipus Rex except Derek Jacobi - cheeky devil - as Sir Lawrence Olivier said of him. He is my absolute all time favourite. A class apart!!

    • Everyone's Lovemark always!

      Zeenat Aman

      25 October 2005

      Zeenat Aman is back on the screen with Rajesh Khanna in Jaan Let's Fall in Love. I think Rajesh Khanna married the wrong girl-Zeenat was the lady for him on the screen and off the screen. They compliment each other beautifully. Zeenat is one of the all time beauties in Bollywood and she is an underrated actresss because her beauty and grace overpower her. She has been the only Bollywood actress to be a Raj Kapoor heroine and a Dev Anand heroine. Zeenat is everyone's Lovemark always!

    • A Lovemark because he is still a passionate man

      Rajesh Khanna

      28 October 2005

      Since Rajesh Khanna the fabulous actor of the Bollywood screen is making a movie with Zeenat Aman I think they should consider this. How about a remake of Random Harvest-based on the book by James Hilton where Mr.Khanna can display his romantic histrionic abilities to the best of his capabilities. I hope this is the beginning of a long cinematic association with Zeenat Aman. Rajesh Khanna is a Lovemark because he is still a passionate man. He is a tremendously definitive actor of love that he is capable to convey through his performances. I look forward to seeing him on the screen again with his lovely leading lady.

    • Talented and fun-loving

      George Clooney

      29 October 2005

      The sexiest man alive! How handsome is handsome? How talented and fun-loving is he? I nominate George Clooney as the new Chairman of the Board, posthumously taking over Frank Sinatra's place and I wish him health, wealth and prosperity. Cheers George - here's to Good Night and Good Luck and all the other movies you have given us. The sexiest, nicest, and smartest Lovemark in the world.

    • Armani's clothes are about truth

      Giorgio Armani

      29 October 2005

      Wearing Giorgio Armani is another thing all together - the Black label alone. One has to have a stoic interior to be tough to carry the minimalism of those clothes. Armani strips you of embellishment. Not only do you not have a place to hide your hands but your character shows through the dresses and suits. That is why some women Lee Radzwill, Halle Berry, Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren have worn Armani successfully whereas other celebrities cannot and do not wear him. Armani's clothes are about truth.

    • I would love to wear her designs

      Simple Kapadia

      11 November 2006

      Simple Kapadia is to Bollywood what Edith Head was to Hollywood. Simple is highly eclectic in her production of costume designs. She has a high sense of aesthetics and elegance, without ostentation. Her comprehension of both Western and Eastern costume design is awesome. This may be attributed to the fact that she was in front of the camera as an actress for ten years before she became a designer. Simple Kapadia for me is one of the great undiscovered beauties of our time. That is why Simple Kapadia is a singular lovemark, because she has weighed form against function, colour against structure and the parameters of the films involved. Through this Euclidean mind’s definitive costumes and talent we have had the priviledge to access a higher reality. Simple is a lovemark because few have been on both sides of the camera and and had the comprehension of each without detriment to the other. I would love to wear her designs if ever she decided to design for the public.

    • A Lovemark living in my heart forever

      Grace Kelly

      01 December 2006

      I am haunted by a state portrait of Princess Grace by Ralph Cowan that was done by him in 1956. She is wearing a confection by the House of Lanvin in white. The gown is strapless with discreet seed pearls adorning it and a sweeping overskirt cut onthe bias that only this patrician could comport with ease. In the portrait painting, Princess Grace does not have a fixed gaze straight on at one of the exact compass points. She is looking into her future and ours. Princess Grace is lovingly overseeing what will be her immortality through those fine brushtrokes. H.S.H remains a Lovemark as we raise our eyes to view her portrait reminding us to be prescient as she was. Princess Grace will remain a Lovemark, though elevated to the purple ranks of royalty she posed in this portrait and in life in white. This is her discreet, but signatory, lesson to us about the "purity of intent".

      Indeed, Princess Grace was painted early on in white, and just before her death again, in a Grecian gown by Madame Gres. In her final official public appearance that summer at the Ball in Monaco, she again wore white. In the untimely adieu we bid her a month later, her gown from the Ball, now a vestement for her final journey, was again in the colour of God’s most beautiful angel, white. Princess Grace is a Lovemark living in my heart forever.

    • Taking movies ahead in quantam leaps

      Rajesh Khanna

      03 December 2006

      Rajesh Khanna evoked a type of hysteria in India that only Elvis and the Beatles did in the West. The receptivity to his persona was due to the actor’s exuberant presence on screen. The masses felt a type of "deliverance" to a higher and better level through his films. They were elevated and taken forward. They wanted this progress; to cast off the "static" patterns of the past. There was no mere identification with Khanna. He broke all previous success barriers without a godfather or godmother to guide him or shower their favouritism to him. He did it alone and so was called "superstar" for the same reason. Rajesh Khanna in the eyes of the Indian cinema-goer was taking movies ahead in quantam leaps. Wherever he took them, they would follow. This was a celluolid utopia no one had experienced before or since. As an actor, he broke out of orbit to become a "superstar" and lead. Rajesh Khanna delivered the cinema from a usual place, and ended "where they lived well" to the other, "but we lived better". Until another breaks his unforgettable groundbreaking precedent of euphoric conditions, he is still ’the pride of the nation" and the "national superstar."

    • Astrological brilliance

      David Knight

      10 February 2008

      Perhaps it is time that we believed together with David Knight that we have been astrological since the beginning of the world. That the spiders of time, weaving us into the periods of hours and a complex history of the darknesses of mankind have not dimmed off nor killed our astrological capabilities. Sometimes you cannot tell one thing from another unless David Knight leads by explanatory transit, that the large streets of the sun will open out into a cosmic sea. Thus in the light of every astrological morning, in the light of every evening, in the light of companions and secret sorrow with the giant steps of an awkward pedestrian sanwiched in a stellium of planets going combust, we come and go looking into and at doors, windows, balconies, faces of passersby, all emergng from the directions that dream for the Apollonian winter predicted. David Knight in his inimical astrological light has calculated in yet another second the other side of us taking shape in the sextile of astrology voyaging. David Knight is a Lovemark because his astrological brilliance tells us stoically that life maybe about about anxieties and rain but that he is there to explain the astrology of the way.

    • A blessed life

      Mother Teresa

      07 November 2010

      Mother Teresa was diminutive physically, yet from this diminutive lady so much spiritual good came to the world. Mother Teresa never broadcast that she was in Calcultta doing the work of God. The Holy Spirit did all for her including bringing her food and supplies via various sources. Her faith was that deep and indomitable. It was the Holy Spirit that inspired her to go to Calcutta and set up her order there. Mother Teresa had a blessed life and made blessed the lives that she touched. Mother Teresa's intent was always pure. May she repose in justice always.

    • A forcefully creative life

      Dev Anand

      05 December 2011

      Dev Anand was no less than one of the most illustrious exponents of Indian cinema that ever existed. He was the second of three equally fasinating brothers, Chetan an eclectic filmaker and the iconclastic Vijay. Dev made a pact with Guru Dutt when they arrived in Mumbai that when either made it they would assist each other. From this agreement and sense of fellowship came Dev's everlasting success as thespian director and film maker. Like Raj Kapoor, Dev had his own banner called Navketan and discovered talents and heroines of preposterous beauty. He had a passion for life; was charming, charismatic, modern and appeared to be enjoying himself. Zeenat Aman was my favourite Lovemark discovery of his. Today Zeenat is as vibrant as he was. Dev saw glory and heard the applause. Dev had health and wealth. He lived a forcefully creative life. Apparently he went to sit down and passed on without an inkling of trouble. It must then be said that everything for Dev was not what it appeared as done effortlesly but was indeed effortless. Dev Anand is the greatest example of why we should dream live love and create and why we deserve the happy ending. The joy of your life and films live on forever. Peace.

    • He still inspires

      Rajesh Khanna

      17 December 2011

      Perhaps it is true that one is never too rich or too thin as recently Bollywood's superstar Rajesh Khanna amidst rumours of ill health lost 20 kilos. With a new love by his side Anita Advani he still inspires and his insights are definitive as in his tribute analysis of the late Dev Anand. This thepian has more pragmatic insight into all matters than most. With his sixty-ninth birthday around the corner on December 29th we wish this "white" Lovemark many happy returns of the day.