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    • Take care Shah Rukh

      Shah Rukh Khan

      15 September 2005

      For one year, I donít usually to look films in the original language. We Germans are indulging from our TV-channels and cinemas. The most films are very good synchronized. Then I had seen K3G. And I thought during the whole time: thatís not his voice! I would implicitly hear the sound of the original voice of SRK. And right - the original voice assists the sense and warmth from his face. Since then I had heard and read a lot above SRK. And consequently I think - itís his emotional intelligence, which we can see and enjoy in his acting. I can not say "I love him" - itís more fascination and sympathy. Thatís why, Iím saying: Take care Shah Rukh and give us further examples of your emotional intelligence. May you and your family live long and healthy.