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    Shah Rukh Khan.

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    • To me he feels like a dear friend.

      Shah Rukh Khan

      16 August 2005

      Something curious happened to me since I got to know SRK. I became a full-hearted fan of someone! There were other stars: actors, musicians, authors that I liked before, but I was never thrilled by any of them as by SRK. The reason is of course that he means much more to me then just being an outstanding actor! He’s such a warm and loving person but the special thing about him is he’s sharing his warmth and love so freely with everyone. For me this is part of his magic which let you feel very close to him even if you’ve never met him, never talked to him and also if you’ll never experience all this. To me he feels like a dear friend or even more like family! God bless him and his family may they live long and happy!