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    Bayu Ariyandhityo

    Bayu Ariyandhityo


    Paul Smith.

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    • One of the important things I take


      02 November 2010

      Glasses are one of the important things I take wherever I go, and Ray-Ban glasses are what I think is very representative of me. Ray-Ban has a very unique design that is different from most other brands of sunglasses. They are ideal for use at formal and casual events. Ray-Ban is one thing that makes me appear confident when I leave the house. That's one reason why two years ago I started collecting four Ray-Bans that I use interchangeably. Even if I forget to bring my Ray-Ban, I am willing to go home and pick it up because without Ray-Ban my day would not be perfect.

    • Made my own Paul Smith's shop!

      Paul Smith

      07 November 2010

      I really love the shoes! I do not know how to describe my love of shoes, but the first time I bought a pair just because I fell in love with a blend of colored stripes that characterizes Paul Smith's design and fits perfectly with my dress style. Just for that reason now I have more than 5 pairs of shoes that I arrange neatly on a special display that I made myself, in my bedroom. Haha...I kind of made my own Paul Smith shop! Saving money in order to get the new Paul Smith collection now has become one of the most exciting things in my life.

    • A loyal fan


      08 November 2010

      The first time I liked Coldplay was when listening to the song "Yellow" without knowing who was singing it or the title of the song. But I've really liked the vocals of the band, especially with the falsetto technique that is incredibly beautiful! And after I knew they are Coldplay, I began to listen and love all their songs, collecting all the albums, and become a loyal fan. One of my dreams is to watch a Coldplay concert in person. I would be very proud if they came to Indonesia and held a concert here.