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    Mary A

    Mary A

    United States

    (marketing press branding)

    Way Out Wax, Nutty Steph's, Zutano, Anne Made Cards, Baked Beads.

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    • Wonderful!

      Way Out Wax

      30 July 2008

      Way Out Wax Candle/Vermont Naturals. This company has the purest candles and clean air products available in the market. They just launced a new collection of Organic Aromatherapy Candles. Wonderful! Plus the company is totally green. All products are made in the USA. Please take a moment to check them out. It is time to get green in all aspects of your life!

    • Great book

      Big Green Purse

      30 July 2008

      Great book. It has some things that she could have added around being more of a creative recycler. But over all a good pick in this mass consumer age.

    • Fun and passionate

      Nutty Steph's

      09 August 2008

      Nutty Steph's all natural food products are all handmade in Vermont. I love that there is a fun and passionate person behind this brand. Plus Nutty Steph's granola, trail mix and chocolate chunks are perfect for breakfast, snacks, travel and hikes in the woods. Check them out!

    • About the love and life of babies


      21 August 2008

      Zutano is all about the love and life of babies. The whimsy of this fashionable clothing collection is specifically designed to create a unique, fun and functional look for your cherished little one. All of Zutano product sizing begins from Preemie (size 0) – 4T. The company actually allows its new parent employees to bring their babies to work. Wow! Nationally and internationally sold.

    • A wonderful find

      Anne Made Cards

      27 August 2008

      Anne Davis is a lover of cats and dogs. Her passion for them is translated into her wonderful designs that she creates cards from. Her illustrations are a wonderful find. Especially for the folks that have a good sense of humor regarding their pets.

    • A great brand for women

      Baked Beads

      30 September 2008

      This is a great brand for women who love to accessorize their wardrobe affordably and fashionably. Baked Beads is a perfect place to buy a serious amount of inexpensive gifts for your friends (that don't look inexpensive). Based in Vermont, this great company is run buy a committed husband and wife team with great style.