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    Dimo Valev

    Dimo Valev

    United Arab Emirates

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    LEGO, Absolut Vodka, Guinness, Adobe, J.R.R. Tolkien & Lord Of The Rings, Laphroaig, Lindt, Star Wars, Moet et Chandon, Charlie Chaplin, Monty Python, Dom Perignon, Jamie Oliver, Swarovski, Vincent van Gogh, Lagavulin, Pablo Picasso, Hasselblad, Alexandre Dumas, Ricard Pastis, Kilkenny, Longines.

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    • Products are just beautiful


      15 May 2008

      No doubt Apple is number one in the computer market if we talk about design and innovation. Their products are just beautiful! Talking about functionality and software – PCs are better. Apple Company recognizes it openly – they constantly promote that you can install MS Windows (and Windows compatible software) on any Apple... So why do you need MS Windows on a Mac if Mac is better? And let's not forget that Mac or PC are just tools, and more important is how do you use them and for what purpose. Don't tell me the Apple Photoshop or Illustrator creates better designs that the PC ones. It's the "behind-the-keyboard" hardware that does it.

    • Really makes me dream

      Mark Knopfler

      12 June 2008

      Mark Knopfler is one of the few musicians (and composers) that really makes me dream. With his music, I travel overseas and like Marco Polo I meet the new, the unknown and the amazing. Thumbs up and long live Mark!

    • Artist and Interpreter

      Glenn Gould

      26 August 2008

      Amazing Glenn Gould! To me Bach and Glenn Gould are inseperable, and I don't think any time soon we'll have another Artist and Interpreter like him. Thanks to the advanced audio technology, Bach and Glenn Gould are already at home. Anytime.

    • Titan of Literature

      Alexandre Dumas

      27 January 2009

      Is there a person in the world who doesn't know the name of the amazing Alexandre Dumas-père, the father of 'The Three Musketeers' and the 'Count of Monte Cristo'? I'll need hundreds of pages to describe this Titan of Literature who loved passionately adventure, women and the good life! Known for his historical novels and with no doubt one of the most popular writers in the world, very few people have read his 'Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine', an amazing work where you can find hundreds of fantastic recipes and information about every possible food, drink and product. With you, Cher Maître, we were D'Artagnan, Monte Cristo, or Balsamo, riding along the roads of France, touring battlefields, visiting palaces and castles, enjoying the exquisite food and drinks of France—with you, we dream!

    • The products are great


      27 January 2009

      It's a great brand and has amazing products. We've used few of them for 13 months already and are very happy! I have few comments on the design to be added to a 'wish-list', but even without these, the products are great: - handles of the strollers to be with variable length - easier and faster way of mounting the car-sit on the stroller.

    • A great way to say I love you!


      05 February 2009

      Once you see a Swarovski crystal, you'll remember it till the end of your life. Beautiful and fragile, powerful and magic, Swarovski is the light of your days and the glow of your nights. A great way to say I love you!

    • A legend

      Dom Perignon

      26 February 2009

      Dom Perignon is more than a beverage, more than a Champagne: it is all of this and much more. Dom Perignon is a legend, Dom Perignon is a lifestyle, Dom Perignon So please let's not act as the fox from the famous fable of La Fontaine (Le Renard et les Raisins): Mais comme il n'y pouvait point atteindre*. Ils sont trop verts, dit-il, et bons pour des goujats. Fit-il pas mieux que de se plaindre? *(les raisins, note by Dimo)

    • A pint of Kilkenny will revive you


      26 February 2009

      After a long and tiring day at work, after ten cups of coffee, hundred clients, and a thousand of 'final changes' of your designs, after countless meetings and endless discussions, what brings you back the warmth in the heart, the optimism and the desire to start another day? Even when you are alone, a pint of Kilkenny will revive you and you'll hear the music of the violin and the flute, the dance of the clouds and the songs of the mermaids. A pint, or two, or three...who cares?

    • If you prefer the artificial


      26 February 2009

      If you prefer the artificial to the natural and if you like mixing some unidentified yellow powder with water instead of squeezing a glass of fresh orange juice, than Tang is right for you. Enjoy it! But please don't give it to your kids, the poor creatures don't have to suffer because of your choices. Remember: oranges are extremely cheap nowadays, and much healthier than anything boxed or powdered!

    • Made to be your devoted companion


      18 June 2009

      Longines. Timeless symbol of beauty, craftsmanship, precision, innovation, perfection...and much more. Every Longines watch is made to be your devoted companion, and to last for generations. Decade after decade a Longines watch will bring a light in your daily routine, will inspire you and motivate you to be a better and more creative person, to look for perfection, to aim high, to achieve more. With mine, time has another meaning and another dimension...You need to get one to understand what I mean!

    • Extremely cheap materials


      17 September 2009

      Great design, very functional and easy to assemble, but extremely cheap materials are used and furniture won't last. Quite expensive for the quality you get. In the IKEA case, you realize the power of the good advertising. It can help you sell low-to-average quality products rather expensive, and can push people to continue buying.