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    Pauline Canneva

    Pauline Canneva



    Lush, Sex and the City, Kiehl's, The Body Shop, American Apparel, Shah Rukh Khan, Petite Mendigote, Blistex.

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    • Respect to those who dare!


      11 September 2007

      Vegemite is something I just don’t understand. I remember my roomie in Australia eating five toast every morning covered with this weird and disgusting looking spread. I didn’t wanted to die a fool so I decided to overcome my fear and try. The thing is I’m really able to eat anything in world, so why would this strange little yellow thing resist me? I tried and spat it all directly in the sink. Thick, salty, sticky. How can you eat this, moreover for breakfast??? Anyway, It remains a big symbol of Oz, and respect to those who dare!

    • Adorable, but with character

      Petite Mendigote

      13 June 2008

      Highly girly bags and totes brand, with lots of blue, pink, silver. A name inspired by Moulin Rouge's OST, a concentrate of Paris fashionistas spirit. Adorable, but with character.