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    Harry Potter, Kit Kat, Doctor Who, The Leaky Cauldron, The Killers.

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    • The most reliable

      The Leaky Cauldron

      11 June 2007

      The most reliable Harry Potter news site, respectful of fellow Harry Potter fans and the general community, delivering the best news 24 hours a day. When I turn on my laptop in the morning, I always go straight to Leaky. They are such nice people, too!

    • Fuelled my imagination

      Harry Potter

      11 June 2007

      Harry Potter has transformed my life since I was six years old. It has given me drive, fuelled my imagination and turned on the ignition with respect to my most desired career path, writing. This book has made such an impact on so many people that JK Rowling deserves to be acknowledged hundreds of times a day.

    • Makes me dance crazily, smile, cry and think

      The Killers

      11 June 2007

      Their songs make me dance crazily, smile, cry and think. Everything that a band should do. They’ll stay with me for a long time.