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    Streets Paddle Pop.

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    • The only pop-like ice-cream I'll eat!

      Streets Paddle Pop

      17 March 2007

      Paddle Pops were launced in 1953, blasting into the world of ice-cream and providing Aussie kids with a cool treat for the summertime. As time passed new flavours were introduced into the market, and since then, Paddle Pop have produced over 100 flavours including those commonly sold: chocolate, banana and rainbow. Streets Paddle Pops took the world by storm when they introduced the more recent flavour ’Cyclone’ with its refreshing swirl of three delicious fruit flavours. But of course you can’t forget about Paddle Pop Lion - the crazy logo of Streets Paddle Pops. You never know what his next mission will be. Streets Paddle Pops are the only pop-like ice-cream I’ll eat!