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    Brianna Frappier

    Brianna Frappier

    United States


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    • It always looks chic


      17 January 2007

      Pashminas are the best things to add a bit of classic and somewhat unique style. I wear a lot of simple solid color tops and jeans and I like to add a bright colored pashmina to stay warm and it always looks chic. I love how versatile they are!

    • Summer date nights and family outings

      Graeter's Ice Cream

      17 January 2007

      It’s the very best ice-cream. I think that people don’t understand unless they have tasted the treat for themselves. Greater’s makes me think of summer date nights, and family outings. My family can be out at a nice restaurant with a huge dessert menu, and we will pass it up for a trip to Greaters!

    • I love to send cards

      quotable cards

      17 January 2007

      I love to send cards, even if there is no reason! There is something so exciting and meaningful if you receive a card in the mail. With emails being sent, you lose that something special that a mailed letter has. So next time you need to send a thank you, a sympathy, a good luck or a thinking of you note, send it through the good old United States postal service!