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Apple is a California-based computer technology company. It helped start the personal computer revolution in the 1970s and is known for its innovation design hardware and software offerings.



  • Never Thought I Could Love A Brand Like This

    I am so in love with Apple's product. Every year I spend my savings money to buy a new Apple product. The first one was an iPod classic, and then iPhone, then Macbook Pro, then iPod Touch and now an iPad. Apple makes my life easier and helps me in so many ways. Never thought I could love a brand like this. I am proud to say that I am an Apple Boy.

    Larrylogan, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • Outstanding

    One word for this company, OUTSTANDING!!! Everyone in the world knows about the quality of Apple product. every year they has new innovations and i cant wait to get the new one and ready for pay it. Love it

    Amalia, Indonesia - 04 March 2014

  • So simple, so flexible

    So simple, so flexible. Apple's iPad really helps me in so many business activities. Starting from the simple ones as well as complicated tasks. There are so many features and applications that can really be helpful in business operations. But it's not only for business; this device can be used as a friend that always accompanies me to play games.

    Daniel Wiguna, Indonesia - 27 September 2013

  • Makes me feel happy

    I am an Apple addict. I have used Apple since 2006. I got an iPod from my father which is my first Apple product. The first time, I was confused on how to use and operate that iPod but later I could use it and understand the function of iTunes. In 2010, bought a new iPod with a touch screen which is called an iPod Touch. I bought the cellular phone that's an iPhone 3. Apple products are more cool and high tech. That makes me love to use Apple's products more. I have bought new Apple products, the iPad and also the new series of the iPhone. I can't and I won't change to another brand, because I have the feeling that Apple is me. Apple makes it easy to buy and download everything that I want and need. Apple also teaches me to be more appreciative of music and I have bought the songs that I like. The applications are great. Apple makes my life easier, because everything that I buy will be synchronized with my other Apple products. For example, I bought a song on my iPhone, and thatwill be synchronize directly to my iPad or iPod. The important thing is that when I use an Apple brand it makes me feel happy, do things easier, and feel high class. With Apple I can do anything with only one gadget. For example, on an iPhone I can phone someone, send a message to them, I can open my social media accounts, listen to music, and play games too. 

    imeldagnes, Indonesia - 02 September 2013

  • Things that strengthen my love

    In my country, Indonesia, Apple computer products are considered not cheap, and besides, there are also many other computer brands in the market that give us many choices instead of just Apple. But, I started using Apple products in 2007; the MacBook Pro. Since then I have fallen deeply in love with Apple products. The design is simple, elegant, powerful, compact, modern features, and keeps you updated with applications. These are some things that strengthen my love. To this day, I have found that Apple products are durable, nice and never have problems. It is definitely worth spending. Apple products are like a beautiful apple - savory, fresh, healthy and very tempting. One bite, and you will definitely want another bite. Apple, I love it !

    Zuki, Indonesia - 31 August 2013

  • Makes me want to have it all

    Oooh Apple, your design and functionality is so irresistible. Love you. Love the Mac, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 (it's killing me), iTouch, the apps, iTunes, iPad. All of the products that you create makes me want to have it all.

    Fachry29, Indonesia - 24 March 2013

  • Opens my eyes

    You can't hope to see the sun if you don't open your eyes. These are the only words that can help me describe all that Apple products have given to me. Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of technology.

    paolo, - 28 September 2012

  • Fun with Apple

    Fun to play with. Makes studying so much fun with Apple gadgets.

    oji, - 27 September 2012

  • Steve Jobs is my biggest inspiration

    Macbook is my best friend, I feel proud and prestigious for using it. It has the best graphics, a wonderful logo, the best design, and the best features to make things simpler for users. Macbook helps make my jobs easier, and Steve Jobs is my biggest inspiration. After using Macbook for years, when I found out he passed away, I was deeply sad. I felt like I knew Steve Jobs and felt his passion through my Macbook.

    Yudith, Indonesia - 26 September 2012

  • Always satisfied with Apple

    I am always satisfied with Apple. I'm not only talking about the product, but Apple gives me good service whenever I have problems with my Apple products. They treat me well, and when I have some complaint, they'll immediately fix it.

    novitarizki, Indonesia - 26 September 2012