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Apple is a California-based computer technology company. It helped start the personal computer revolution in the 1970s and is known for its innovation design hardware and software offerings.



  • Fangirl activities

    Do you love KPop as much as I do? Apple's iPad is really useful for our fangirling activities!!

    VirginiaPohan, - 12 September 2014

  • Apple is my soul

    3 words that can describe this product are classy, elegant and highly-qualified. Love can disappoint you, but Apple will never let you down. I recommend Apple over any other product.

    kezia, Indonesia - 09 September 2014

  • Elegant and cool

    Apple is my favorite brand. Apple make their products seem so elegant and makes me feel so cool when I use it.

    Kinanti Odelia, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Sophisticated technology behind a simple design

    The first Apple product I used was the iPhone. I brought my first iPhone a few years ago and I still use the iPhone now. I would not change my choice. My first impression of Apple is that is uses very sophisticated technology behind a simple design.

    neysadamara, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Perfect Technology

    Apple designs products that are simple and elegant. I love all Apple products because they make my life easier in every way.


    neysadamara, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Elegant Apple

    I love Apple products. They make the products look very elegent and you feel cool when you own Apple. They are definitely worth buying.


    Kinanti Odelia, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Simply elegant

    I really love Apple products. It has been 2 years since the first time I started using Apple. Now I've been using an Phone 5 for a year and I love it. I am never disappointed by the products or the services. Simply elegant!

    Agung, - 08 September 2014

  • Once you fall in love you stay

    There was no love at the first sight for me, until I met Apple iBook G4 in 2004. My dad introduced me to it. The charm of simple body in white form caught me. I opened it and found the beautiful sight of the hardware. It was so magical when I slid my fingers to browse the desktop. I found myself surfing the calm computer wonderland with the beautiful LCD calibration. For almost ten years now, I have found Apple has created a heavenly workspace for my work. Now me and my family all have Apple products, with an iPod nano, iPhone, MacBook Pro, AppleTV, and even gigantic 27” iMac. Once you fall in love, it will make you stay with that product!

    stefanctw, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Special place in my heart

    Timeless design and high quality materials are the main differences between Apple and other brands. They are valuable goods and we can love them more each day because of the design. Apple has succeeded in changing our view about their brand, just like they always say "think different". That's why Apple has a special place in my heart.

    arfianie0506, - 08 September 2014

  • Completely amazing

    I don't need to talk much about this product. It is completely amazing! I don't care about the price, I care about how it really comforts me and accompanies me in every situation.

    Jessica, Indonesia - 08 September 2014