American Girl

American Girl is a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., and a direct marketer of books, clothes and toys for girls ages 8 and up.

American Girl


  • A Story Based On Real American History

    Pleasant Rowland founded Pleasant Company to create the American Girl Doll, and I also love that each American Girl Doll has her own story. A story based on real American History. It appears the new owner-MATEL- is upholding the integrity of the company. I applaud their lastest Doll - Rebecca Rueben. She is a Jewish-American Girl from NYC. My granddaughter loves her story.

    Jewell, United States - 11 December 2009

  • Empowerment and knowledge

    An educational toy young girls love. It's all about empowerment and knowledge. Why people in other countries don't do this I don't know. The founder sold it for over $80 Million in 10 years.

    Edward, United States - 17 September 2004