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Hungary is a country in Central Europe. Its capital city is Budapest.



  • The wonderful nature

    In 1999 my family bought a cottage in the countryside of Örseg - Hungary and since 2000 we've spent every holiday there. All the friendly people and the wonderful nature makes us feel like home. I wish, I could live there forever. Come and see the Nature-Parc of Örseg. You will all love it!

    Christiane, Germany - 27 January 2006

  • My homeland

    My homeland is my Lovemark. I went to live abroad, but I came back cos I was too marked with my Lovemark! Lovemarks speaks a language of their own. Either you speak that language too, or you don't understand. It has an intimate relationship with good and bad times. A Lovemark is a Lovemark if it stays after changes.

    Anne, New Zealand - 26 November 2002