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Qdoba Mexican Grill

Qdoba Mexican Grill is a chain of Fresh Mex restaurants in the United States serving Mexican-style cuisine.

Qdoba Mexican Grill


  • We eat Qdoba usually once a week

    I love Qdoba Mexican Grill. Ours just opened up this year here in the Quad Cities. The food is very fresh, consistantly good, and they offer vegitarian/vegan alternatives for my vegan friends. There was a lack of really good, freshly made with quality ingredients, hispanic food here until Qdoba. They need to open one close to my home in Rock Island! We eat Qdoba usually once a week. Don't forget to use your Qdoba card and get free food the more you use it!

    Jimmy, United States - 26 September 2005

  • Yummy good for my tummy good

    Qdoba rocks! My phone book has a buy one get one free coupon for them. Plus when I use my Qdoba card, I earn points towards a free meal there! They are delicious! They are fresh! Yummy good for my tummy good.

    Rich, United States - 12 September 2005

  • I choose the Q every time

    Oooo this is a tough one. With so many food choices, especially mexican/burrito places out there, finding something that stands out is difficult. Qdoba has great taste and flavor fusions. I mean, Mexican burrito and Italian Pesto! Who would have thought of that? The tangy verde salsa and that incomparable queso sauce. Mmmmmmm man is that addictive. I live with a Qdoba two blocks away from me. Within one block there are six other mexican resturants. I choose the Q every time. It's clean, fast, comfortable, and the food is made to my specifications, not some blueprint. I can't say enough good things.

    MJ, United States - 20 January 2005

  • A far cry

    Qdoba - tragically, I take a less sophisticated image from this one. It's a far cry from a real Mexican Taqueria, and as such, the "Qdoba" brand epitomises the watered-down chain restaurant to me. You can brand it as hard as you can, but a chain restaurant will never be "real".

    Paysar, United States - 14 December 2004

  • Fear of losing the taste

    I love Qdoba so much that while I'm eating it, I don't even want to stop and drink something for fear that the taste would leave my mouth! There's nothing like those nachos....I'm leaving to get some right now!

    Jennie, United States - 16 May 2004

  • Even in my dreams I have no reprieve

    It's the fire, the tang, the made-fresh-today, full-blown flavour of the Mighty "Q" that haunts my waking hours. Even in my dreams I have no reprieve from the cilantro-infused Salsa Verde upon which my addiction has become irreversible. Burger King may say "Have it your way" but if I wanted 7 (not 3) pickles, I'd have laughing teenagers rolling dangerously about under the deep-fryer. Simply stated, Qdoba is a healthy variety of delectable, Mexican cuisine made quickly to my exact specifications... and for that, I love them.

    Tre, United States - 15 May 2004