• Resonates

    I love R.E.M because they take things seriously but aren't "too cool" to appear on Sesame Street and because their music really resonates for me (also in my forties).

    Lisa, United States - 17 June 2004

  • Literally stopped me in my tracks

    The band members themselves would probably loathe this, but I submit to you the only musicians in my lifetime who literally stopped me in my tracks when I first heard their music ("Gardening At Night" on a small college radio station). Their jangling guitar, the abstract poetry of their lyrics, and their willingness to speak up when most celebrities are ridiculed for having an opinion, made them for me, the most vital band playing in the 80s and 90s. As a (roughly) forty year old man, no music will be new to me the way R.E.M. was 24 years ago, and that's...okay.

    John, United States - 14 May 2004