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Atomic espresso maker

Atomic is an Italian brand of stovetop espresso maker.

Atomic espresso maker


  • How good a friend

    My wife had our Atomic when we got together. It is plain cast metal without a chrome coating. I think it is an early model. She bought it from a 'junk' shop and because she lived a half hour drive from the nearest place to buy espresso, it became a necessity. Over the last 25 years we have used it every weekend at least. This applies to our frequent camping trips as well. This machine has had one refit and still astounds our dinner guests with the quality of coffee it provides. It is impossible to explain how good a friend this machine has been.

    Colin, Australia - 08 August 2006

  • An absolute standout

    It's a measure of the religious feeling this espresso maker inspires that people pay up to $500 - many times the cost of a new electric coffee machine - for a second-hand Atomic that's half a century old. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful - an absolute standout of indestructible, midcentury European design that makes other machines look awkward and ungainly - it is also difficult enough to use that it makes the coffee it produces seem that much more rewarding.

    Justin, United Kingdom - 17 October 2004

  • On the road again

    My Atomic has been with me for over 34 years. I have travelled extensively with it and it still makes the best expresso or latte that can be made. It is compact and I have travelled on my motorcycle across the country having lattes upon arising in the middle of the Grand Tetons, alongside many rivers, and at the kitchen table in many homes. Such a beautiful piece to look at and so easy to work. The true epitome of design and function.

    Cindy, United States - 06 August 2004

  • Gorgeous and indispensable

    A gorgeous 1950s designed vision of the future. An Atomic makes any kitchen look stylish and is an indispensable camping accessory that civilizes any remote location. Its the look, the sound, the feel and of course the coffee. Once on returning home after a weekend at our beachside shack, we realized that we have left it behind. Without hesitation we drove the 150km round trip in order to retrieve it. The thought of waking up the next morning without it was too difficult to contemplate. The kids maybe ..the Atomic no!.

    Mark, Australia - 22 June 2004