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Zipcar is a car-sharing program that allows drivers to rent cars by the hours or day.



  • Less waste but so convenient

    It's environmentally friendly car hire. Love the hourly rates, the cool cars (Mini's etc.), the great website, the user-friendlyness etc. It's such a great concept; for every Zipcar, 20 cars come off the road! In an era where carbon emissions have to be curbed this makes sense...less waste but so convenient.

    Eva, United States - 17 July 2006

  • Not available in my state

    Never heard of Zipcars...but thought it was a nifty idea, UNTIL I discovered there aren't any available in my state. Let's wait and see if this catches on. After all...we all know what happened with PeaPod!

    Holly, United States - 22 August 2004

  • A superb program

    A superb car-sharing program. It gets cars off the road, money in my wallet, my groceries home, and my kitty to the vet. You pay by the hour, and with all insurance and gas included it works out great. Plus, they send you pithy emails (but not too often).

    Kristin, United States - 05 January 2004