Stanley knife

Stanley knife is a brand of multi-purpose utility knife by Stanley Tools.

Stanley knife


  • The heart of my father's toolbox

    Smooth, grey, metallic, pleasing to hold, made to fit the hand; a timeless, simple design that has not changed in over thirty years. When I was a child, the Stanley knife was at the heart of my father's toolbox; every household job, eventually, produced the grey knife with the silver, razor sharp retractable blade. At the time, I was not allowed to use the blade, but I loved the weight and feel of the closed knife. Now I am a father, with a new home in a different country on the other side of the world. When I went to purchase household tools, I found many product variations, extensions and imitations: but in the centre of the shelf, distinguished by lack of both sophisticated features and bright, yellow plastics, hung what I was looking for: the Original Stanley Knife, still exactly the same. To me, the Original Stanley Knife will always evoke childhood memories of my father and, by association, the methods and values he taught me. My father still has the same Stanley Knife after all these years. When I'm able to spend time with him, I still occasionally see him use it; the hands are older, but the knife remains the same. My new knife, too, will stand the test of time. To me, Stanley means 'Dependable Forever'.

    David, Australia - 22 February 2011