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  • THE BEST on the World Wide Web!

    I start each day by first going through my daily Lockergnome report. I have gleaned many helpful applications and informative tips that make my computing easier. I tell everyone I can that if they are not receiving the Lockergnome report they are missing out on THE BEST there is on the World Wide Web! - Thanks Chris and all your staff.

    Kirk, United States - 19 January 2004

  • A day without Lockergnome like a day without sunsh

    I have been a Lockergnome subscriber for the past 5 or 6 years. It is one of the most important sources of information at my disposal. The broad range of their interests reflects the consuming curiosity of Chris Pirillo, the founder and leader of the Lockergnome Newsletter group. Chris looks deeper than the usual announcements into new technologies and details them in language that is more understandable to the layman. For me, Lockergnome is like orange juice..."A day without Lockergnome is like a day without sunshine!"

    Jack, Canada - 18 January 2004

  • Its like my morning coffee

    I have been visiting Lockergnome since almost the beginning and never found any issue boring or lame. Its like my morning coffee. I must also admit I never encountered major problems with download offered on the site. Great daily stop I say !

    daniel, Canada - 18 January 2004

  • ... immense ideas and nerve

    Am your reader from the time I own a PC, 1996, I guess. Now I don't have any subscription from any other site, like tech savvy. LG has embedded in my brain, you're are a fantastic guy with immense ideas and nerve. I wish you all future sucess and may God Bless you.

    K, United Arab Emirates - 18 January 2004

  • My first destination has come to be the rule against which all online content providers should be measured by. Their commitment to their readership, knowledge of each industry that they publish in, and their attention to detail is unmatched. I look forward to each newsletter from I also make Lockergnome my first destination for research and information when solving a problem or doing my homework on a new product. I want to say that I'm proud of Chris and the staff of Lockergnome and say that I'm proud to be a Lockergnomie!

    Jeff, Canada - 11 January 2004