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Quality Street

Quality Street is a brand of selection box of individual sweets manufactured in the United Kingdom by Nestle.

Quality Street


  • I loved it more than anything

    Ever since I had my first Quality Street box of chocolates in the late 80's, when it was a Rowntree's brand, I loved it more than anything that a person can regard as food! As Quality Street boxes where not sold in Egypt, everytime we have a box in our house it meant that some dear relative came from abroad to see us with this great gift. My grandma used to bring us Quality Street twice a year when she came to visit from Saudi Arabia. I saw how much this box of chocolates, with its flavors inside and colors, brought joy to my family in Egypt. It symbolized quality chocolate and happiness. Nothing more cheerful than connecting happiness with chocolate. Each time I see the Quality Street box I have this feeling of happiness I used to get when I was 4 years old. Now I am preparing for my marriage and designing my wedding invitation as a box of chocolates from Quality Street with the same old two characters on the front of the box as me and my bride. I will always love Quality Street chocolate.

    Ahmed, Egypt - 02 November 2009